Up until 1985, any ATV launched on the ATV market would have had actually three wheels on it. Yamaha determined that this wasn’t enough, for this reason they released the Yamaha Moto 4. This to be the very first ATV to ever offer 4-wheels.

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The Moto 4 fully changed the people of ATVs. It no long prior to every various other ATV manufacturer decided that 4-wheel ATVs were the way to go.

In the almost 10-year expectation of the Moto 4, Yamaha created several different models, each enhancing on the last. While the Moto 4 has long since been discontinued, the spirit of this version lives ~ above in all ATVs the company produces.


Specification and also Features

Specification and also Features

While there room several model years because that the Moto 4, most civilization look at the Moto 4 under among the various model numbers it has been exit under. Each of these models will have actually slightly different specs. These room the basic specs because that each the the models, yet Yamaha enthusiasts must bear in mind the these specs can change ever for this reason slightly relying on the design year.


It is precious noting the the an initial three iterations the the Moto 4 to be very comparable outside the the engine capacity. The wasn’t till the Moto 4 350 that people started to see larger transforms to the architecture of the vehicle.

Every car produced under the Moto 4 banner was a driveshaft model.

The Moto 4 is unique contrasted to countless of the ATVs that relax today. This is since most of the assets in the Moto 4 variety offered a an option between 2WD and also 4WD. Together a result, those plan on purchasing one of these ATVs will need to pay fist to what model that they space purchasing. The course, a 4WD design should be easy to drive off-road.

In addition to this, the Moto 4 models indigenous the 250 onward offer both automatic and manual transmission options, v the previous being less complicated to discover on the open up market.

All of the assets include an electrical ignition and also Dunlop tires. Even today, the majority of civilization that operation a Moto 4 will usage Dunlop tires. The vehicle has been constructed for them.

Yamaha Moto 4 200 Specs

Despite being the world’s first 4-wheel ATV, the Moto 4 200 definitely wasn’t doing not have in features.

Offering a 200cc, air-cooled engine, the Moto 4 200 is able to traverse even the toughest the terrain with ease.

This car offers a 5-speed automatic transmission, consisting of a reverse gear. The maximum strength output that the Yamaha Moto 4 200 is 11.5kW.

It weighs in in ~ 183kg.

Yamaha Moto 4 225 Specs

The Yamaha Moto 4 225 is the same as the Moto 4 200 in most features. The major exception is the 225cc motor.

A large change did occur in some of the later on models that the Moto 4 225, though. The initial 220 walk not have suspension on it. However, halfway through the lifespan of the Moto 4 225, the firm started to offer suspension on their ATVs. This way that buyers will must pay distinct attention to the version that they are purchasing.

Yamaha Moto 4 250 Specs

The Moto 4 250 included an upgraded motor, and also a couple of transforms in the architecture of the body. However, it was not a substantial increase ~ above the later on models that the 220.

Yamaha Moto 4 350 Specs

The Yamaha Moto 4 350 is the version that Yamaha stuck to for almost 8-years prior to it was offered as a base for a brand-new line that ATVs indigenous the company.

The Yamaha Moto 4 350 v its 350CC motor is the most an effective vehicle in the Moto 4 range and the one that most human being will conference on the market. This is due to the fact that the other models to be only created for a year or so.

Model year Available

The 1985 Yamaha Moto 4 was the an initial four-wheeled ATV obtainable in the Moto 4 range. This product developed upon the 3-wheeled Yamaha Tri-Wheel that the company had been providing for the ahead half-decade.


The 1986 Yamaha Moto 4 boosted upon the style of the 1985 model, yet the overall vehicle is very similar.

It is with the 1987 Yamaha Moto 4 the the agency took the plunge into creating something different. They produced the Yamaha Moto 4 350 i beg your pardon lasted all the method up until 1995.

In 1995, the Moto 4 surname was ‘retired’, but the heritage of the Moto 4 ongoing to live top top in assorted other assets from the agency including the large Bear and also the Raptor. If the vehicle has a YFM designation in the version number, there it is likely it to be based ~ above the Moto 4. The critical of these spin-off commodities were created in 2013.

Pros the the Yamaha Moto 4

Despite the Yamaha Moto 4 range being a product line that has actually long because been discontinued, there are plenty of world using the ATV. This means that the is solidly built, and the period will often ensure a human gets a good deal ~ above it.

The ATV performs an excellent despite the period too. Regardless of it being among the faster ATVs top top the market, Yamaha certainly managed to load a ton of features into the Moto 4 range, and also each design year they improved upon the last. Over there is a reason why the Moto 4 formed the base for the architecture of countless of their future products.

Despite the age, the Yamaha Moto 4 is quiet an immensely well-known product. This way that if a human does stumble throughout issues v their ATV, there room plenty of world out there willing to aid them out. Any company that repairs ATVs will definitely have seen the Moto 4 come through their doors end the years.

Cons of the Yamaha Moto 4

This is one older version of ATV. Contemporary ATVs have considerably improved ~ above the style of the Yamaha Moto 4. So, while that is a auto that performs well, that is lacking many of the high quality of life attributes that can be uncovered on more contemporary ATVs native Yamaha.

There are still preventive parts easily accessible for this vehicle. However, since it has actually been 26-years due to the fact that the critical Moto 4 to be produced, the number of spares ~ above the market is dwindling. Over there will at some point be a allude where it will become practically impossible to fix this vehicle without having actually to have spare components engineered from scratch.

With 2WD and 4WD choices available, v the last being most common, purchasers will have to do their research study to ensure the they room purchasing one ATV that is perfect for your needs.

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The Yamaha Moto 4 will certainly go down in the history of ATVs. That is the one that started the 4-wheel ATV craze. It has been 25-years due to the fact that the design was discontinued, yet many that them room still going solid off-road today. IItis no wonder the so many people are looking come buy castle still.