Citrine quartz is among the geomantic gems selected by many people today. This rock has confident energies, which help to keep and also dispel the evil spirit, bring luck, fortune and health to the user. For this reason what perform you know about this geomatic stone? Please sign up with with to uncover out more.

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General information around citrine quartz

Citrine quartz is one of plenty of geomantic gems offered as jewelry that plenty of people select now. This stone has an excellent power to bring many optimistic things in life for the wearer. So what is properties, impact of this and who must wear it?


What is citrine quartz?

Citrine quartz is one of the rare variants that quartz and also is recognized as Citrine

Historically, citrine quartz has been mistaken because that topaz stone because the the similar yellow color when the science is no developed. This quartz is top top the perform of the most an important citrine gemstones. The factor is since the shade of citrine quartz can make people fascinated v rare and challenging to discover in nature. Currently, deep gold, brown gold or red gold space the many valuable varieties today.

Distribution that citrine quartz

Citrine quartz in numerous countries in the world such as Brazil, Spain, France, Russia, Madagasca … In Vietnam, over there are additionally citrine quartz but not high top quality and small reserves.

Physical nature of citrine quartz

The formula of citrine quartz: SiO2

Hardness of quartz rock according to Mohs scale: 7

Specific heaviness of quartz: 2.6g / cm3

Citrine quartz crystal is a triple decision system

Citrine quartz stone with glass properties.

Crystal framework of citrine quartz

Constellation of citrine quartz: is a different of quartz crystallized in the hemisphere. At 537 levels Celsius, quartz is variant and also crystalline in the triple.

Crystals of quartz: We will encounter citrine quartz in the shape of the pyramids with very short or no prisms. We can fulfill a wide variety of citrine quartz v facets such together faceted horizontal, M facet, R block, facility triple. The most ideal form of quartz is the crystalline quartz crystalline crystal with the 2 sides the the pyramid.

In addition to crystalline quartz, the quartz stone has rutilated architecture, canxedon or quartz, the reason is because of the optical form.


Optical characteristics of citrine quartz

When the citrine quartz is shined by the sun, the beam of the rock are randomly and indefinitely oriented. In such light, world often contact that is infinity. And if the magnetic and also electric field vectors space in the very same direction, the irradiate shining top top the quartz will certainly be polarized.

Citrine quartz is electrically insulated

Citrine quartz also has the extra insulation because unlike metal, the structure is electron that relocate freely. However, by absorbing the negative energy of the earth, we deserve to feel the electrical field that the quartz.

Citrine quartz and also excellent effects

Citrine quartz is just one of the wonderful quartz today. This is a rare stone and has good benefits for this reason most civilization love this stone. Citrine quartz has good benefits both in terms of geomancy and health. Specifically:

Effect the citrine quartz ~ above health

Citrine quartz is among the quartz that work very well with health. Wearing yellow quartz will assist the user live healthy every day.

– gold quartz has the effect of boosting concentration, comfort, relaxation and can alleviate the stress, fatigue.

– help to enhance memory, boost confidence and assist overcome neurological diseases.

– Those who are anxious and stressed, attract quartz will be very good.

– world who endure from cradle diseases, wearing yellow quartz will assist improve the role of this system, assist to eat much more delicious.

– Citrine quartz additionally works to help strengthen the immune system, avoiding many pathogens come the body.


Effect of citrine quartz top top geomancy

In terms of geomancy , citrine quartz will have the complying with effects:

– Citrine quartz can carry the user many fortune, prosperity, so that is regularly predominant for the owner that the restaurant, business and also it usuall prefers to be at the cashier.

– Citrine quartz has positive energies, which can help to discourage undesirable energies to help the owner feeling comfortable and also confident.

– The attract of cirine quartz can also help bring concentration, eliminate an unfavorable impact ~ above the owner, for this reason they regularly get a cavalier attitude, sober.

– Those who wish to have a better relationship, the constant wearing that citrine quartz will aid improve the performance of his emotional relationship.

Effect that citrine quartz on Chakras

The power of the quartz works well v chakras and meditation. It has a direct influence on the 2nd chakra, i m sorry is pertained to love, sex and sexual activity. It can also aid control emotions and also human imagination. Yoga practitioners additionally see citrine quartz as a type of rock that have the right to stimulate positive yang and role in the cradle tube.

Who need to use citrine quartz?

According come geomantic experts, the an option of citrine quartz additionally depends top top the decision in your destiny. You deserve to not simply be beautiful, however choose an ideal quartz come wear since it may not only lug the impact as you desire but likewise cause you part trouble. So choosing a geomantic quartz or various other colors must look at her destiny.

Who should use citrine quartz

According come geomantic experts, the citrine quartz belong to earth horoscope in the five Elements. So we will also ,from this relationship, uncover out who has the suitable fortune come wear. Specifically:

– civilization of metal horoscope must use citrine quartz. Because of the birth of Metal, the world of steel horoscope that wear geomanctic ring or other assets will bring good effects because that themselves.

– Citrine quartz is additionally the kind of rock that should be worn through the people of planet horoscope, due to the fact that it is a compatible relationship, couple of planet horoscope developing mountain will create more luck for world of Earth.

Who need to not use citrine quartz?

Those who belong come Fire and Water horoscope must not use due to the fact that these room incompatible relationship with the Earth. Specifically, earth is separate to Water for this reason the wearers will come to be worse in prosperity, luck and also health. Civilization of Fire horoscope need to not undertake it, if no they will be damaged indigenous prosperity


How to identify citrine quartz?

Due to the rare and precious of citrine quartz, the existing market of gemstones has attracted countless buyers. For this reason be cautious when buying come avoid losing money yet not the result as friend want.

The means to differentiate citrine quartz

Currently, the modern technology of making fake citrine quartz is really sophisticated, so the is an overwhelming for human being to identify with. So there are techniques to differentiate. Specifically:

Just usage Axetone solution( for nail ) and sweep it end the citrine quartz. If it is a fake one, you will see yellow as soon as wetting. But remember to leave 10 – 15second only.

Also, friend can distinguish the cutting forms of citrine quartz. Since if that is a organic citrine quartz, there is different style. Know this, so many civilization deliberately cut to make it natural. However, that is still except artificiality through nature, therefore you will be straightforward to recognize.

So where to to buy citrine quartz with an ideal price

Nowadays, citrine quartz are selling in many places yet you require to discover a reputable ar like Kim Tu Thap because that example. At least this is also the location where customers trust and also select for many years in a ar of both the North and the South. The commodities here have been certified and also highly evaluate by high quality gemologists and also guaranteed to be 100% nature. For this reason this brand has spread to plenty of customers.

There are miscellaneous designs because that customers to choose. Specifically, friend can choose the following items from the Kim Tu Thap:

Select citrine quartz i m sorry is not processed

Unprocessed citrine quartz will continue to be as herbal as originally exploited. Friend can pick this group to fulfill your miscellaneous purposes.

The price of citrine quartz the is not processed can be over 1 million dong. If you want to polish more, the price can add from 600-700, 0000 dong depending on the work and also quality of stone.


Select citrine quartz bracelets

Citrine quartz bracelets is also one that the commodities that many world today choose. The quartz commodities in Kim Tu Thap is varied in size, forms for you to choose, or friend can pick how to ask us to create citrine quartz arm bands at her disposal.

Due to the nature, different requirements and designs, the price of each citrine quartz bracelets will vary. Lowest price for citrine quartz arm bands will be 400,000 dong or more. If you have any extr requirements, the price will increase or fluctuate an ext or less.

Citrine quartz pendant

Citrine quartz pendant will additionally be crafted in a variety of designs. You have the right to optionally select the pendants that are already easily accessible in Kim Tu Thap or if you execute not have any kind of requirements we will be happy to fulfill you.

The price because that citrine quartz pendant arrays from 700,000 – 2 million dong relying on the size, quality and workmanship that artisans.

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Other citrine quartz products

In addition to raw citrine quartz, quartz pendant or quartz bracelets, you can choose the following products: Pendulum, quartz that pyramid , 12 sides sphere quartz, geomantic quartz base, bricklaying quartz, rug because that meditation, floor-scaterring quartz, sprucing up quartz

There are many different kinds of quartz commodities in Kim Tu Thap. Every product has different definitions so if you desire to uncover out what sort of product, please describe here: and also contact united state for a an excellent consultation.