8 WWE Divas that Posed because that Hef (And 7 we Wish Would've) WWE has actually a checkered background when it pertains to its woman division. Right currently it is probably in the finest place that has ever before been, with the ladies being offered the opportunity to main event pay-per-views fo

WWE has a checkered history when it concerns its woman division. Right currently it is probably in the finest place the has ever before been, through the women being given the opportunity to main occasion pay-per-views because that the very first time.

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WWE hasn"t always had this reputation when it concerned the female wrestlers, though. WWE Divas were first introduced come the firm back in the 1990s and also were offered as eye liquid in order to save the masculine demographic lived in throughout the show.

WWE then started putting women in bra and panties matches, night gown competitions, and even swimsuit angles in bespeak to show that these were several of the best looking females in the world. Obviously, Hugh Hefner agreed and WWE then saw plenty of of its mrs roster featured top top the sheathe of his magazine. But when WWE go PG and also the company decided that it was time to protect against sending out the wrong messages around women, the newspaper covers stopped and male fans all over were left heartbroken.

This means that even though over there are simply as many attractive women on the WWE roster ideal now, these females have determined to leave a lot come the imagination, something the is not sitting as well well v the WWE Universe.

Even despite it"s not likely to happen at any time soon, here is a look at the women that we feel should have appeared in Playboy and the ones that actually did.


15 did - Maria

Maria Kanellis join WWE ago in 2006 after ~ auditioning for WWE in their annual Diva Search ago in 2004. Maria wasn"t a trained wrestler and was instead mostly provided as a backstage interviewer while she ongoing to train behind the scenes.

Sadly, Maria never totally reached the potential that many thought she would and one the the highlights that her quick WWE career was once she posed because that Playboy back in 2008. This allowed WWE to press Maria and she later won Diva that the Year the adhering to year. Her Playboy covering was among the worst offering magazines of every time, though. Maria has since gone on to end up being the first lady that both Ring that Honor and also TNA because her WWE departure earlier in 2010.

14 Didn"t - Melina

Melina is among the many decorated WWE Divas of all time. Together a previous WWE Divas and Women"s Champion, she conquered WWE in the year after Trish Stratus and Lita retired and helped carry the Women"s division into a brand-new era.

Melina feuded with Ashley ~ it to be revealed the she would pose for Playboy and also stated throughout that it to be beneath her and also that she would certainly never appear in a newspaper in that way. Melina, instead, was a fan of human body paint and also preferred to be photographed the way, much to the disappointment to countless of the WWE Universe.

13 walk - Chyna

The late Chyna was thought about to have been one of the most dominant female wrestlers in the history of WWE. She is the only woman to have won the Intercontinental Championship and the first woman to take part in The imperial Rumble match, however she was absolutely ahead of her time ago in the late 1990s.

Chyna very first appeared top top the cover of Playboy earlier in 2000, whilst she was still with WWE prior to she then agreed to show up for a second time in 2002, adhering to her relax from WWE. Chyna climate made it s her a job in adult entertainment after she was surprisingly exit from WWE back in 2001.

12 Didn"t - Kelly Kelly

It probably comes together a surprise to plenty of of the WWE cosmos that Kelly Kelly never ever actually posed because that Playboy, offered the points that Kelly did actually do throughout her time in WWE. Kelly to be unveiled ~ above ECW and also was part of Kelly"s expose where she would actually carry out a striptease for the audience and then later became a component of too much Expose.

While Kelly has actually done some slightly racy photoshoots over the past few years, she has actually never determined to pose because that a magazine prefer Playboy. Kelly instead focused on she wrestling career and became a Divas Champion prior to leaving the firm back in 2012 after ~ she declared that she required time to recuperate from a neck injury.

11 did - Sunny

Now, Sunny would certainly be one of the odd instances who is considered on both the did and did no pile. She to be a woman that many men wanted to pose because that Playboy transparent her entire wrestling career, yet she walk then walk on to pursue a career in adult entertainment after her WWE release. Nearby enough.

Sunny has obtained mixed increase in a many of various things over the past couple of years, points that even WWE have now refused to comment on. Earlier in the 1990s, clear was thought about to be one of the an initial WWE Divas, and with she "girl next door charm" she came to be every masculine wrestling fan"s fantasy for plenty of years.

10 Didn"t - eve Torres

The 2007 raw Diva search winner was the last woman to concerned WWE with the yearly female competition and she set the bar as she began working hard and also putting in the hrs to finally become a credible woman wrestler.

Eva Torres is a former Divas Champion and was really popular through the WWE Universe, she was also really easy on the eyes, yet was never a woman who appreciated revealing photoshoots. Night asked because that her release from WWE in 2012 so that she can focus on various other projects and has due to the fact that begun an exhilaration career.

9 go - Torrie Wilson

In the WWE universe, Torrie Wilson is without a doubt one of the many attractive mrs wrestlers of every time. She joined WWE in the late 1990s after making the switch from WCW and also became a firm fan favourite.

Torrie to be signed to WCW after she was viewed backstage, and never possessed a many wrestling talent, but over the year she started to learn. Torrie was in WWE for almost a decade and never lifted a mrs title, instead, she was one of the women that was constantly relegated to being the eye candy component of the show. She did pose because that Playboy Magazine twice in her at an early stage career earlier in 2003 and again together Sable in 2004.

8 Didn"t - Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix is a former WWE Divas and Women"s Champion and was only the 2nd woman to show up in the imperial Rumble match during she time in WWE. She was viewed as a powerhouse and also one of the most leading females top top the roster, however she was also beautiful.

Beth was an additional female wrestler that was no interested in being a diva, she to be passionate about wrestling and what go on in the ring, not external of it. She was fairly successful in law this and after leaving WWE, she married hall of Famer Edge and also the couple now has actually two daughters.

7 walk - Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle pertained to WWE v the Diva Search and also looked to be another model who was signed to the company because of her looks. In 2006, she posed for Playboy and also this enabled her come be component of a Playboy pillow fight in ~ WrestleMania 22 alongside Torrie Wilson.

Candice walk on to train hard and also receive a push that experienced her become the an initial Diva find contestant to victory a WWE Championship. This then allowed her to it is in looked at much much more seriously by the WWE Universe. Candice left the firm back in 2009 and also has unable to do on come marry and have three daughters.

6 Didn"t - Lita

Lita was among the very first female wrestlers to display a character that was about more than what she looked like. Lita was already a talented wrestler by the time she join WWE and also her feud v Trish Stratus ultimately put women"s wrestling on the map.

So numerous women who space in WWE now were influenced by Lita, and also so countless men to be attracted to her throughout her career. If Lita did part racy photograph shoots throughout her time in WWE, she never necessary the rise that posing for Playboy offered the various other female wrestlers and she hasn"t essential it due to the fact that she left the agency either.

5 did - Ashley

Ashley Massaro to be the 2005 raw Diva find winner. There was always something different around Ashley, from she crazy dress feeling to the reality that she gave out her phone number come the WWE cosmos as a method to gain them to vote for her.

Even though she career to be cut quick by her sick daughter, Ashley walk pose for Playboy back in 2007 and this started a feud through Melina the took both women to WrestleMania 23, where they combated over the Women"s Championship. Ashley"s Playboy cover came to be one that the biggest things the she accomplished in her WWE career.

4 Didn"t - AJ Lee

At one time, AJ Lee to be the longest reigning Divas Champion. She to be the most popular WWE Diva top top the roster at the time and also she was main eventing WWE pay-per-views as component of the male storylines.

AJ to be beautiful and also she was talented, she to be the specific thing that WWE"s women"s division needed at that time and also she played the role very well. AJ was never ever a fan of common things, she to be a self-confessed nerd and wasn"t supplied to much male attention, so Playboy was never something the she wanted to do. She retired from wrestling earlier in 2015 so that she might settle down through husband cm Punk.

3 walk - Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme was the an initial Diva search winner come be provided a WWE contract and also she actually had some wrestles talent. Hemme was added to the women"s department and even given a match versus Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21, yet it seems that backstage problems were the reason WWE released her not lengthy after.

Hemme posed for Playboy earlier in 2005, at the elevation of she fame in WWE, yet she left the firm just four months after the magazine was released and went top top to make a surname for herself in TNA. Christy is now a previous Knockouts Champion and left TNA in April 2016 after an ext than a decade v the company.

2 Didn"t - Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is the most well-known female wrestler in WWE currently, she is the longest reigning Divas Champion, and the main star that both Total Divas and Total Bellas, therefore she has actually never required the boost that posing for Playboy gave many other female superstars.

Nikki is likewise in a relationship with 16 time WWE Champion man Cena, that would absolutely not be as well pleased through his girlfriend posing for the famous magazine. Nikki has instead focused on wrestling and put she modeling career behind her. She has actually improved so much in the ring and also has got millions the fans everywhere the world. Over there is talk that as result of her on-going neck problems, Nikki could be compelled to retire at this year"s WrestleMania event.

1 did - Sable

The wife of Brock Lesnar and also the previous Women"s Champion, Sable collection the bar for many of the females who adhered to her, and also as a previous two-time Playboy cover girl, she was aware of the direction the Women"s department was going in at the time.

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Sable wasn"t the best wrestler, yet she had actually the confidence to pull off every little thing it was WWE want her to do. She knew the the WWE Universe concerned see her since of she looks and also famously unveiled her hand printed chest throughout a bikini contest on SmackDown. These may now it is in the moment from women"s wrestling that WWE would choose to forget, but this is what mrs wrestling was earlier then and Sable was simply offering the crowd what castle wanted.