No, the factor that friend shouldn"t be eat cherries has nothing to execute with your pits. No one does it have actually anything to carry out with their inordinately high price. It"s actually all around their nutritional contents — or lack thereof. They to speak the worst means to provide someone bad news is come rip the bandage best off. Let"s gain right down to it, candlestick we? 

First, cherries room high in sugar content — especially dried cherries. The Chicago Tribune reports that a cup of dried cherries contains 30 grams of sugar. A cup of new cherries? practically 20 grams. In comparison, Coca-Cola states that there room 39 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce can of Coke. Starbucks, meanwhile, reports that there are 11 grams of sugar in that is cheese Danish (via Starbucks).

But, you"ll certainly protest, cherries are an excellent source of antioxidants, fiber, and also folic acids (via BBC). True, however they can likewise make you bloated if friend aren"t able to digest castle properly, or can even act together a laxative if you under too countless (via EatingWell and LiveStrong). Here"s the thing around cherries — your insoluble fiber content and naturally arising sugar alcohols may rise the frequency and urgency of your bathroom visits. The moral of the story? stay away native the fruit, particularly if you struggle with digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.

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Even with all the said, we haven"t even touched ~ above the topic of worms. 

The reality behind worms in cherries


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Yes, worms. 

The video that went famous on social media? The one the over 1 million human being viewed in much less than a week? The one with the little white worms wriggling happily in the center of a bunch the mouthwatering, red, ripe cherries? that checks out (via Snopes). According to Iowa State University, the 1/4 inch white worms you could find in your cherries are more than likely cherry fruit paris larvae. Snopes will assure you that eating cherries through worms inside of castle is most likely not dangerous. Apparently, the larvae the burrow right into cherries have not adapted to human being intestines. That"s comforting. Yet then again, baby flies aren"t specifically a culinary delicacy. 

If you don"t discover worms in your cherries, that may be as result of the fact that the fruit is commonly grown v plenty that pesticides. Time reports the cherries are amongst the peak 12 fruits and also vegetables grown with the many pesticides. In fact, around 98 percent the cherries contain at least one. And, in instance you needed a reminder about why pesticides in foodstuffs are dangerous, The facility for Ecogentics and also Environmental Health reports that the intake of also low doses of pesticide is linked with everything from storage disorders and also depression to respiratory tract problems and also miscarriages. Essential cherries will help you in that department, but regardless, maybe think about eating them only on occasion and also in moderation.