LUDINGTON, MI - end the summer, Ludington's residence of Flavors damaged a Guinness world Record for the longest ice cream dessert when it developed a 2,970-foot-long sundae with the community's help.

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However, the document was short-lived together Moo-ville Creamery and Nashville company District in Nashville, Mich. Developed a 3,656-foot dessert before Ludington's record could be made main by the Guinness human being Records.

Nashville was officially called the people record-holder in December, simply over a month after ~ Ludington had its document certified.

"A team of us wanted to refurbish the town and get Nashville ~ above the map," Moo-ville Creamery manager Tina Westendorp said. "We assumed of act the longest ice cream sundae due to the fact that Nashville is kind of recognized for its ice cream."

In bespeak to rest the record, Moo-ville and Nashville had come get creative with how to lay out the dessert.

Nashville's longest street, a section of route 66 the runs through town, wasn't long enough to accommodate the record-breaking length. So rather of having actually a straight line of ice cream cream like home of Flavors, Nashville developed two tracks beside each various other in a circle.

Because the clip of the combined tracks was longer than the previous human being record, Nashville was called the new champion of lengthy desserts.

It took 852 gallons of vanilla ice cream cream, 36 gallons of coco syrup, 56 gallons of strawberries, 172 cans of whipped cream, 7,200 cherries and also over 250 volunteers to put the perfect product together. Those number don't encompass the day and also a half of labor vital to make every one of the ice cream in the sundae, together Moo-ville renders its ice cream from scratch.

When Ludington do its effort at the record, Westendorp and also others traveled there to check out it because that themselves and also see precisely what castle were obtaining themselves into.

During their very own record-breaking day, Westendorp claimed she looked at she mother and also agreed with her that they would never ever do it again because of how an overwhelming it was to make it happen.

Since being named the official people record-holder, Moo-ville Creamery has actually received much more visitors and also people interested in the business, Westendorp said.

If someone rather decides to break the people record because that a 16th time, Moo-ville Creamery will certainly not make an attempt to claim its title back in the future.

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