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"Jesus, take the Wheel" is a song written through Brett James, Hillary Lindsey and also Gordie Sampson, and also recorded by American nation music artist Carrie Underwood. It was released in October 2005 as the first single indigenous Underwood"s debut album part Hearts. The ballad speak of a woman seeking help from Jesus in one emergency, at some point letting Jesus take control of she life. The country-Christian song came to be a crossover hit, spending 6 consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot country Songs, peaking at number four on the Billboard hot Christian songs chart and charting high top top the Billboard Adult modern chart. It also became a height twenty fight on the Billboard hot 100 chart. "Jesus, take it the Wheel" won Grammys for best Female country Vocal Performance and also Best nation Song, and also it won single of the Year at the 2005 Academy of country Music Awards. The track ranked number 4 on CMT"s 40 best Songs the the Decade.more »

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She to be driving critical Friday ~ above her means to Cincinnati top top a snow white Christmas EveGoing home to check out her mama and her daddy v the infant in the backseatFifty mile to go, and also she was running low on faith and also gasolineIt"d been a long hard yearShe had a lot of on she mind, and she didn"t salary attentionShe to be going means too fastBefore she knew it she to be spinning top top a thin black sheet that glassShe saw both their stays flash prior to her eyesShe didn"t also have time come cryShe to be so scaredShe threw she hands increase in the airJesus, take the wheelTake the from mine hands"Cause ns can"t perform this on mine ownI"m letting goSo offer me one more chanceAnd save me native this roadway I"m onJesus, take it the wheelIt was still getting colder when she make it come the shoulderAnd the car came to a stopShe cried when she observed that infant in the backseat sleeping prefer a rockAnd because that the very first time in a lengthy timeShe bowed her head to prayShe said, "I"m sorry for the wayI"ve been living my lifeI understand I"ve gained to changeSo from now on tonightJesus, take it the wheelTake it from mine hands"Cause ns can"t do this on my ownI"m letting goSo give me one an ext chanceAnd conserve me from this roadway I"m on."Oh, Jesus, take it the wheelOh, I"m letting goSo offer me one an ext chanceSave me indigenous this road I"m onFrom this roadway I"m onJesus, take it the wheelOh, take it it, take it it indigenous meOh, why, oh

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Carrie Underwood Carrie Marie Underwood (born march 10, 1983) is an American nation music singer, songwriter, and also actress who rose to fame together the winner of the fourth season the American Idol, in 2005. Underwood has due to the fact that become a multi-platinum selling recording artist, a winner of numerous Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards, a gold Globe compensation nominee, a three-time Academy of country Music and also Country Music combination Female Vocalist winner, and also a two-time ACM entertainer of the Year. She is the very first female artist to victory back-to-back Academy of nation Music (ACM) Awards because that Entertainer of the Year (2009/10). Underwood to be inducted into and also became a member of the grand Ole Opry in 2008. She was additionally inducted right into the Oklahoma Music hall of Fa… an ext »

Written by: Brett James, Gordon Sampson, Hillary Lindsey