I"m make the efforts to discover a word that defines a lack of confidence. Other that gives a feeling of worthlessness maybe. I"ve dried looking increase in Thesarus.com for similarities to lack of confidence and antonyms come self-worth, yet with no luck. Anyone have actually some ideas?


According to OED:

diffident: usual or shy since of a lack of self-confidence: a diffident youth.

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Another word as
Jim said would be timid.

timid: reflecting a lack of ship or confidence; easily frightened: I was also timid come ask because that what i wanted.


"Insecurity" would certainly be a great one. To have actually insecurity is to have actually lack that self-confidence, absence of self-worth. Insecure.

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You have the right to use:

Timid: reflecting fear and lack of to trust Diffident: doing not have self-confidence. E.g: stood in the doorway diffident and also abashed Fainthearted: lacking conviction or boldness or courage.


I think wavering (“Fluctuating; being in doubt; undetermined; indecisive; uncertain; unsteady”), faltering (To “be unsure or weak” or “Move hesitatingly, as if around to offer way”, etc.), and also irresolute (“Undecided or unsure how to act” or “Indecisive or doing not have in resolution”) can serve.

Also take into consideration unsure, doubting or doubtful, iffy, chancy, and also dicey (“Of uncertain, risky outcome” or “Of doubtful or uncertain efficacy, provenance, etc.; dodgy”).

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