When ‘c‘ come directly prior to the letter ‘e‘, ‘i‘ or ‘y‘ we use the /s/ sound.in other instances we use a /k/ sound.

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Words include the letter ‘c’ pronounced as /k/

carIt’s not followed directly by ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’.
cutIt’s not followed straight by ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’.
coolIt’s not followed directly by ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’.
curtainIt’s not followed directly by ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’.
carpetIt’s not followed straight by ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’.
confuseIt’s not followed straight by ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’.
caughtIt’s not followed straight by ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’.

Words containing the ‘c’ pronounced as /s/

cityIt comes directly before ‘i’.
centIt come directly before ‘e’.
dancingIt comes directly before ‘i’.
iceIt comes directly before ‘e’.
certainIt come directly before ‘e’.
faceIt come directly before ‘e’.
receiveIt comes directly before ‘e’.


One notable exemption is words soccer. (We pronounce both the letter ‘c’ as a solitary /k/ sound /sokə/.)

Another exemption is muscle /mʌsəl/.

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anton valve niekerk - may 9, 2020, 3:32 pm Reply

do americans say koot for cute ? in England the definately qu-oot, and qu-pid, no ku-oopit, i m sorry to us sounds a little bit stoo-pid. The other word that sounds wrong when Americans speak is the means they to speak Duke, which ought to sound like *Juke* as in box. Wallis Simpson always referred come he husband together the *Dook* which come our ear sounded choose a native one could use when referring come an imbecile. Was john Wayne referred to as the *Dook* in American media ? I have only seen that written, therefore don’t know just how they pronounce it.