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I understand you"re in search of a single adjective, and I think "curious" fits the invoice nicely (and from a pedagogical perspective curiosity is a vital indicator of student success) but I would favor to add the adhering to to the mix due to the fact that I think the shows, if not willingness, at least readiness or capability, and also it might be worth something to you:

fertile mind

From Collins:

fertile mind: One the is qualified of sustaining, supporting, growing and developing mental thought interjection, especially among the an extremely young.


How about curious?

having actually a desire to find out or know more about miscellaneous or someone significant by desire to investigate and learn passionate to learn or know; inquisitive.

Or inquisitive ^


Having a willingness and also capacity to find out is teachability:

teachable adj.

Capable of being taught: teachable skills.

Able and also willing come learn: teachable youngsters.

teach′a·bil′i·ty, teach′a·ble·ness n. Teach′a·bly adv.


Three great non-idiomatic words have currently been suggested, curious, inquisitive, and teachable, yet my intuition is that betterworld2016.org lacks a word through your precise definition.

I believe that the idiom "thirst" is what you room seeking.

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"Thirst for knowledge" is a borderline cliche, however it is tho evocative and also clear, and I think many human being would define it as a "willingness (or desire) to learn". (For the nearby connection between "will" and desire" check out the interesting discussion, “Make of the what girlfriend will” – meaning of “will”.)


"Enthusiastic" is the finest word that involves mind for me. Act is sort of prefer learning, so the is comparable enough.

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