If you've play Wizard 101 before, we all know your actual an outcome is based off of the gemstone the you pick. Come here to see what you would REALLY be!


Your phone rings so late at night. It's your worst enemy, who is apparently badly injured after a auto crash. What perform you do?

Congratulations! You're a pyromancer! Your results conclude the you are brave, passionate, and attractive. You are often eager to take it revenge over those who wrong you, though you are patient and you do it slowly. Girlfriend are rapid to anger, though, and also come through a quick fuse. And this, civilization will frequently underestimate her intelligence since of your strength, but you have the right to be cunning and flirtatious when you need to be. You're most most likely to it is in a police officer or in a military position.

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Congratulations! You're a Thaumaturge, a weaver that ice and also snow. You don't treatment so much around revenge against your enemies, however rather protecting her friends as soon as they are in trouble. Friend are an excellent at fighting because of your herbal instinct to safeguard your team, proving your foes to be precious nothing. You are patient and also calm, and thrive in performing arts prefer dancing, singing, and acting. That being said, you're most likely to be a musician or actor.

Congratulations! You're a diviner! one of the most an effective schools in general, you know just how to incorporate water and also electricity come fight against your enemies- which should be an extremely painful through the way, since storm knows how to convey power and also intelligence in methods that the other schools don't. However, this method that you deserve to be sloppy and make poor decisions sometimes, therefore I would say to it is in cautious... But, you understand what? You're a Diviner! Obliterate all that come in your path! You're most most likely to be a scientist or an s explorer.

Congratulations! You're a conjurer, a an effective being of legend potential! though you may fall short when working alone, you can easily find friends to aid you out, OR manipulate others into gaining what you want if the very first one doesn't work out! You have tendency to be creative, popular, and also active, though you are additionally arrogant and sneaky. Back most people would view those last two as an adverse traits, myth wizards know how to transform them into complete power! You're most likely to be an artist, writer, or salesperson.

Congratulations! You're a Theurgist, a lover and also nature and also spirit. You're own well being always comes prior to the destruction of your enemies, and also you can take a pretty big hit and also stay standing. You're loved usually all around, and you likewise love everyone approximately you! (Even animals, well... Particularly animals). You're not a big manipulator that people, due to the fact that they'll usually recognize you're trustworthy and also do points for you anyways. That being said, you space rather quickly to manipulate. Let's just say your mind isn't your strong side. You're most likely to be a zookeeper or doctor.

Congratulations! You're a Necromancer! while this may not sound choose the many glamorous point in the world, well... It yes, really isn't. On the bright side though, you tend to have psychic powers and mysterious abilities the the other schools most likely don't also know exist. You're quite manipulative, and also can take things from people without them even knowing it. You're most most likely to be a thief, psychic, or maybe also that creepy guy who stays two dwellings down from you who constantly wears black. There are unlimited possibilities!

Congratulations! You're a sorcerer! You're every about rock cold facts; what is right, and what is wrong. Most likely you excel/excelled at math in school, and also you have no problem consoling your friends after a love one passed away or simply pumping castle up for a large interview. You're a big supporter, but that doesn't average you can't make large decisions by yourself. As soon as your mental is in perfect harmony, anything is possible! You're most likely to be a teacher or judge.

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Congratulations! You're an Astral student! human being often watch you as mysterious, smart, and wise. Though you may not have countless friends, it ended being for the best; currently you know just how to assistance yourself and also take care of your very own problems. You're patient and also calm, and also you don't really have actually much to say, but people respect that and admire her wisdom. You're most likely to become a scientist or a writer.

If you've played Wizard 101 before, us all understand your actual result is based off of the gemstone the you pick. Come right here to check out what you would certainly REALLY be!