Wires come in different shapes and sizes. Follow to your needs and also the situation, the dimension varies. It can create a large mess if girlfriend can’t pick the best wire for your work. However, girlfriend don’t have to worry, we gained you covered.

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What is the right wire size for 100 Amp company 150 feet distance?
You should obtain 2/0 AWG Copper cable or 4/0 AWG Aluminum wire for single-phase circuits. And, 1/0 AWG Copper cable or 3/0 AWG Aluminum cable if you have actually three-phase circuits. Because that these wires, the mean voltage drop have to be 3%. Yet it different according to resource voltage.

You asked and we delivered. However, there’s much more to it. Sit tight together we guide you v the details.
Calculating Wire dimension For 100 Amp business 150 Feet – components To ConsiderType the ConductorSource VoltageNumber of PhasesVoltage DropInstallation MethodWhat If You select Oversized Wires?What If You select Undersized Wires?FAQsConclusion

Calculating Wire dimension For 100 Amp business 150 Feet – determinants To Consider

Choosing the appropriate wire size for your amp have the right to be a substantial hassle. Comparable to choose 12-2 wiring for lights. Especially, if you don’t have adequate knowledge around electrical calculations. This is why you require to recognize some an essential factors before choosing a wire-
For example, the right kind of conductor, voltage for her source, minimum voltage drop, the installation technique of your circuit, variety of phases, and so on.Let’s briefly comment on these topics, candlestick we?

Type that Conductor

If you have actually some knowledge about conductors, you recognize that not every conductor has the same conductivity. However, 2 of the many popular and also practical ones room copper and aluminum. Copper has a greater conductivity than aluminum. But it likewise costs more. Aluminum is really lightweight and also easier to work with together it’s flexible. Both have their own characteristics, but you need to select the one that fits your needs.
If you want to pursue an expansion of 150 feet for her 100 amp service-We recommend you to gain 2/0 AWG Copper wire or, 4/0 AWG Aluminum cable for single-phase. Because that a three-phase strength source, 1/0 AWG Copper wire or, 3/0 AWG Aluminum wire can be used. To make her a small easier because that you, right here are our top picks because that these cable sizes:Spartan strength 2/0 AWG 20 Foot4/0-4/0-2/0 Aluminum SEU Cable 600V organization Entrance wire (50FT)1/0 Gauge 1/0 AWG 10 Feet black color + 10 Feet Red Welding Battery Pure Copper
These wires should fulfill your demands if you desire to prolong your heat to 150 feet.

Source Voltage

If you’re widening your electric circuit, keep the resource voltage in mind. Resource voltage for households and also industries may differ from place to place.
We describe 120V together the standard resource voltage in the US and Canada. However, industries might have a different resource voltage.

Number of Phases

You might get perplexed hearing the word ‘phases’ associated with electricity. But it’s really a very an easy term to understand. The number of phases in electricity refers to the circulation of load.Usually, you’ll check out two types of phases: single-phase and also three-phase. For a single-phase circuit, you’ll need three wires. Whereas, for a three-phase circuit, you’ll need four. Among these have to be a soil wire.

To recognize what step you’re using, take a look in ~ the variety of wires. Single-phase is typically seen in households and also three-phase in industries. A three-phase circuit have the right to accommodate higher loads better.

Voltage Drop

This could be rather of a geeky point for you come understand. However, it’s critical piece of info that you need to know. When connecting a place at street to the source via conductors, there’ll be part resistance in the electrical path. The would reason the source voltage come drop. Also when you’re expanding wiring with a junction box.

As the cable gets longer, the source voltage fall by some margin.Usually, a voltage drop from 1 come 5 percent is alright (3% is calculated as optimal). However, you should ensure that the voltage drop doesn’t exceed 5% by any kind of means. To measure up the voltage drop, you might use a voltmeter. For such lengthy wires, it’s better to gain a experienced to execute this because that you.In that case, pick the wire wisely. If the wire diameter isn’t qualified enough to lug the load, the voltage drop would be high. 

Installation Method

Sometimes the cable size may vary depending upon the installation method you’re using. This have the right to have some impact on the resistance that your circuit may encounter.Typically you will discover some common installation methods. The installations can be in a raceway (conduit or tray), hidden in the earth, in a cable, or even in the open up air.The approaches do count on what wire you’re using. Contact a professional regarding how you should install your wiring. Otherwise, excessive overheating or various other electrical accidents could occur.

What If You pick Oversized Wires?

Well, if you’ve planned for future expansions, you may use overlapping wires. This way the wire’s diameter is better than you need.

This won’t come to be a dealbreaker in regards to the existing expansion plan. Only, if you preserved the rest of the things perfectly.You shouldn’t watch any significant changes in the performance of her circuit. Whereas, the only benefit you might encounter is a palliation in voltage drop. Although, anything listed below 5% is good in the first place.

What If You choose Undersized Wires?

If you usage wires that are smaller than required, girlfriend may end up with bad news. Burning all of your devices, mainline, shed, and also even your residence or market as well. Also one damaged outlet can ruin the others.So, how does this work? as soon as you pick smaller wires, she exposing the wires to greater resistance. This can an outcome in extreme heat. This heat have the right to melt the cable insulation pretty easily. You can end up burning the entirety place under to ashes. Be mindful while picking the right wire size for her expansion.


Question: Is aluminum wire more secure than copper?Answer: Both copper and aluminum wires are safe to use. However, follow to the U.S. Customer Product safety and security Commission (CPSC) reports, residences with aluminum wiring are much more likely to have fire hazard conditions than those through copper wiring.That go not mean that aluminum wires aren’t for sure or have to be avoided.Question: Is maintaining less than 5% voltage fall mandatory?Answer: Voltage drop is usually a ns of the voltage comes from the key 100 amp company panel. The higher the voltage autumn percentage, the more inefficient the totality path will be.For good and consistent performance, it’s recommended you keep the voltage drop listed below 5%.Question: Single-phase vs three-phase. I m sorry is better?Answer: Single-phase circuits are seen in households and also three-phase circuits in industries. However, you might use a three-phase circuit at home too.

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It in reality boils under to how numerous devices you will do it be putting through this circuits. If you desire something that deserve to handle greater loads, go for a three-phase circuit. Otherwise, single-phase circuits must be fine.


With this, we have actually reached the end. Us hope that this write-up has helped you with new information and also answered your question, “what is the right wire size for 100 Amp business 150 feet distance?”If you desire a hands-on understanding, try contacting a professional concerning any help.Best that luck with your future endeavors!