Some world have suggested that I eliminate my dare catalytic converter. This is since my vehicle is designed for a different market, and the manufacturer encourage fuel is not marketed in my area. It is typical for cars right here to have the cat gain clogged and the only choices are to one of two people install a new one, i m sorry is expensive, or to completely remove the cat, which is no a legal need here.Are there any kind of complications which might arise because of removing the cat, except the composition of the exhaust fumes?

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tl dr: There would be no concerns with the running of the vehicle.

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If the auto in inquiry is equipped through OBDII (or the international like), wherein the cat is being monitored through a 2nd lambda sensor (O2 sensor), the just side effect of removed the cat would certainly be the inspect engine light (CEL) would illuminate to show the an additional lambda issue. This would certainly be an ext of an annoyance 보다 a problem, yet it will stay lit every the time. This would certainly preclude you from see it light if a real problem occurred. The only means around this would be to put in a replacement because that the lambda sensor which would certainly fool the computer into thinking every little thing was okay (there is a term because that these fake sensors, yet the name eludes me at present), or to have an aftermarket tune put right into the computer, which would set the thresholds because that "out of range" ~ above the lambda sensor so the CEL would never ever illuminate.

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Is the a great idea?

To attend to the literal inquiry in the title, no. Just since one can doesn"t median one should.

Not because that the environment

The cats room there come scrub out the many of the CO and NOx nastiness that is the byproduct of inner combustion. If i remember well, this chemicals contribute to acid rain.

Not for your health

There"s a pretty good chance the fumes will uncover their way into the auto cabin, especially if her windows space rolled under and/or you have actually an exhaust leak. This fumes don"t just smell bad - they have the right to induce headaches together well.

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The various other answers have actually addressed the environmental and also health concerns, however, I want to add a couple of points.

Firstly, if the stated fuel is not used, this have the right to cause an ext problems than just a damaged catalytic converter. Friend should address this together a different issue. Most manufacturers will specify a minimum requirement and also recommended conventional - don"t confused the two. Read about the different rating criter here: Octane Rating wiki.

Secondly, discover out whether your fuel stations use RON, MON or AKI ratings.If you room unable to use the encourage spec however can use the minimum spec, climate there must be no injury to your catalytic converter.

This assumes that your fuel suppliers and fuel train station adhere to this standards.I know some components of the world don"t have good standard enforcement and fuel have the right to be mixed with water or various other contaminants. This is a separate issue, for this reason please upgrade the inquiry if needed.

Thirdly, removed the catalytic converter may trigger a fault password which will illuminate the check engine irradiate (assuming you have actually one). You have the right to get around this through fitting a spacer top top the downstream lambda (O2) sensor. This means you will have actually a normally functioning inspect engine light should you have any type of actual faults.

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Finally, I would leave the catalytic converter in place until you are specific it is damaged. I would only remove it if it becomes clogged/blocked leading to performance issues. In that situation, change it through a cost-free flowing silencer crate / resonator / muffler. If you replace it through a right pipe it may make the engine sound come to be undesirable. Make sure this is done appropriately with ideal flanges and also gaskets to stop the exhaust blowing.