Robocopy is a great piece of software, there is just one major flaw. Which again likewise is the stamin of it. That is a command line tool.

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Command heat tools seems to be warm again, and also I yes, really really hated them for a long period of time. But, ns have come to love lock again (?), even if it seems a at sight outdated technology in the period of the smartphone.

I must admit that Robocopy yes, really does a much more than a good job and I love it. And also then it’s totally free – ns love totally free software too.

Robocopy has constantly had an answer for a problem. Some guys at Microsoft make a graphical user user interface for Robocopy, but it doesn’t offer me the flexibility that ns need. But if you feeling like, you deserve to have a look in ~ them. The attach is listed in the bottom of this article. In the end, they use the exact same command heat tool.

Instead of spending a most time figuring out the syntax parameters you have the right to use my commands.

Personally, I use Robocopy to take regional backups. I usage Robocopy in combination with online backup. I centralize a backup, native the various storage areas I have actually (NAS, data drives, mechanism drive) and also that back-up I include in mine Livedrive backup plan.

Anyway, among the major reasons for utilizing Robocopy, rather than plenty of other totally free backup assets out there, is the it go a winter backup. This method that it will certainly make anything from the source directory to be reflected specifically the same method in the location directory.

Just be certain that you perform not get the source and destination the wrong means around. Robocopy deserve to delete all your papers extremely fast, if you mix up resource and destination.

If friend feel the your hand is shaking, begin practicing with test directories. A mirror back-up with the source and location the wrong way around will erase your data faster, 보다 you can spell ‘Oh Nooooo!’. This is not certain for Robocopy, the the nature (and point!) that a mirror copy tool. Do not switch source and destination!

The back-up strategy

This is a simple backup strategy that you can modify for your specific needs. The arrangement is this:

Copy all vital data from desktop computer computer to an exterior hard driveCopy all user setups from windows to an external hard driveCopy all essential data from a NAS to an outside hard drive.

Command for action 1:

robocopy C:Data T:DesktopPCC-Drive /MIR /XA:H /W:0 /R:1 /REG > C:externalbackup.log

And the parameters defined for the nerds:

C:DataIs the resource directory. I always store data the I backup in a folder called Data. That makes back-up easy, just and also it renders migration come a new computer really easy.
T:DesktopPCC-DriveIs the destination directory
/MIRThis speak robocopy to make a mirror backup.NB! one more important detail and also word of warning, is that as soon as you do a mirrored backup, if girlfriend delete miscellaneous in the Source, that will also be deleted in the Destination, once the manuscript runs. This is also true if friend delete something by accident.
/XA:HLeave out the surprise files. If lock are concealed they space in my terminology not important.
/W:0Wait time in between retries, the default is 30 seconds. If a file is locked, since it is in use, the robocopy deserve to wait and retry. Ns don’t want the backup to wait, that should proceed straight away, otherwise it deserve to take as well long. I’ll obtain the record backed up the following time.
/R:1The number of retries, if the paper is locked. I collection the to 1, the default is 1.000.000. If you incorporate that with with the /W paramater and also a default of 30 seconds, the is perhaps 30.000.000 secs pr file permanently locked. The backup will never end up if you just have actually one single document that is permanently locked.
/REGThis one saves brand-new default values on /W and /R come the registry. In theory this means that ns only have to use this parameter once, yet I keep it around for as soon as I gain back Windows or acquire a new computer.
/XDExclude Directories. This one is supplied to to exclude, directories prefer c: emp. I just use it with totally qualified paths to be certain what that excludes.
/XFExclude files. I usage this to exclude certain paper extensions, like *.lrprev
> C:externalbackup.logThis will start a new log file. I favor to have the ability to see what the backup did.

Command for step 2:

robocopy C:UsersJacob T:DesktopPCC-DriveUsersJacob /MIR /XA:SH /W:0 /R:1 /REG /XJ >> C:externalbackup.log

Add a line because that each user making use of the computer. And also the parameters described for the nerds:

Command for action 3. Copy indigenous the computer to the NAS, this one needs a special parameter, due to the fact that the NAS is a LINUX based computer. In the start my back-up kept copying files already backed up.

robocopy C:DataCDs \NASMusicCDs /MIR /XA:H /W:0 /R:1 /REG /FFT >> C:externalbackup.log

And the parameters described for the nerds:

Make a .bat document using Notepad.


My personal backup script duplicates some ingredient criss cross among my various locations. I have actually an external backup (well actually two, due to the fact that one I store at mine office and also then swap them when every two weeks), two NAS (old and new one – i don’t to trust the old one also much) and also then my desktop computer. I make sure that I have at the very least two copies of everything. Yet they all usage the same commands as shown above, just with various resource and destinations.

Set increase the scheduling the the backup

I set up my backup at 7 pm, since that is most likely that my computer is turned on by then. I don’t desire to move on my computer system to acquire a backup.

Step 1: discover the control panel.


Step 2: start the Schedule Tasks


Step 3: create a brand-new basic task


Step 4: surname the new task


Step 5: choose when to operation the task


Step 6: select what time to operation the task.


Step 7: pick what to run – you want to run a program. A batch record is a regimen too.


Step 8: find your back-up batch file


Step 9: A summary – the looks just right.


Step 10: Done. The brand-new task is in my scheduler.


And that’s it. Friend now have actually a high performance backup that cost you certain nothing!

Other advantageous parameters because that Robocopy

Robocopy can be supplied for many great record operating tasks, not just mirror backup. Here’s a perform of some of the valuable copy, move or mirror parameters accessible for Robocopy. Simply be sure just to use one of them in ~ the exact same time, and always do a check on check data, prior to doing it on real data. Robocopy can delete data faster than something if you carry out something the not correct way.

/MOVThis tells robocopy come move files from the source to the destination. Moving records include deleting the documents from the source. Be sure you desire to delete the files before using this parameter.
/MOVEThis speak robocopy to move papers and folders from the source to the destination. Notification the difference between the switches /MOV and /MOVE. Moving documents include deleting the files from the source. Be certain you desire to delete the files prior to using this parameter. Perform not integrate with the switch /E, else it will certainly not job-related as intended.
/EThis tells robocopy to make a copy that all files recursively. This method robocopy will certainly not clean increase in the destination. Adjusted files at the resource will be overwritten with brand-new ones, brand-new files will certainly be added, however files deleted at the resource will continue to be at the destination. For some this can be the ideal solution, because that others the won’t.
/MIRThis speak robocopy to make a mirror backup. Files deleted at the source will likewise be turned off at the destination.
/PURGEWill delete north folders at destination. If you usage /E /PURGE is effectively the very same as /MIR.

Further reading

If friend didn’t review my short article on exactly how to make your own back-up strategy, you might like to check out it here.

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If you choose to have actually a look at Microsofts very own Graphical User Interfaces because that Robocopy, you have the right to read around them here.