God Of war Timeline: wherein Chains that Olympus & Ghost that Sparta fit The God that War series had 2 games emerged by all set at Dawn because that the playstations Portable, and also they fit into the timeline between other games.

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Where chains of Olympus and also Ghost of Sparta right on the God of war timeline
Kratos, the iconic protagonist in the God of War series, has had actually a long, eventful, and mostly catastrophic life. As Kratos is when again dragged into the affairs of the gods in God of War"s recurring Norse saga, the seems far removed native his previous in Greece. The series" mainline entries, the trilogy of God the War 1 through 3, constitutes most of the important events from the Spartan warrior"s time in his residence country. In addition to the faster prequel, Ascension, two PlayStation Portable games were released, titled Chains the Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, which aid fill in details pertaining to the earlier parts the the God of War chronology.

Chains the Olympus was released because that the PSP in 2008, with Ghost of Sparta following two years later on in 2010. In terms of release order, Chains that Olympus predates God of battle 3, and Ghost the Sparta immediately followed it, an interpretation the last was released after Kratos" revenge ~ above the gods of mount Olympus had already been depicted. In 2011, both PSP gamings were remastered for the God that War: Origins Collection ~ above the playstation 3. The following year those remasters would additionally be had in the God of war Saga, which bundled every five God of War games together before the relax of Ascension.

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Both Chains that Olympus and Ghost that Sparta were occurred by prepared at Dawn fairly than Santa Monica Studio. Ready at Dawn is likewise known for releasing The Order: 1886 in 2015, and also - an ext recently - for producing the Echo series of gamings for the Oculus VR platforms. For Chains of Olympus, all set at Dawn was tasked with developing the series" an initial prequel, set roughly five years before the events of the original God of WarGhost of Sparta, top top the various other hand, takes location after the first game, in between it and God of battle 2. While secondary in prominence to the main trilogy, each PSP video game fills in important information in the timeline, particularly in regards to Kratos" past, and also depicts several of the occasions which fuel the revenge the culminates in God of war 3"s massacre of the Olympian gods.

Chains of Olympus is a prequel to the original God that War
Chains the Olympus" title is one allusion come Kratos" 10 year long service to the Greek gods before the occasions of the original God that War. Kratos initially served Ares as a prolific Spartan warrior, but turned his ago on the god of war once Ares cheat him right into murdering his very own wife and also daughter. Kratos climate pledged himself to the Olympians in exchange for them getting rid of the nightmares that haunt him following Ares" betrayal. Chains the Olympus takes location in the middle of his pact v the Olympians.

Chains the Olympus opens throughout a Persian siege on the Greek city the Attica. Kratos defends the city, death the Persian king and the basilisk which assaulted it, yet the world is consequently cast into darkness by the disappearance of Helios. Together Kratos follows the dice light through Marathon, Morpheus, the god the dreams, casts a fog end the world, hope to lull the gods of Olympus into a deep sleep. As soon as Kratos get the temple of Helios past Marathon, a statue the Athena educates him that freeing Helios from the titan Atlas will dispel Morpheus" fog, and Kratos will certainly be bonus by being freed native his nightmares.

Kratos then travels come the Underworld to confront Atlas, who had actually been exit from Tarturus, and was attempting to destroy the world. While traveling down the flow Styx, Kratos point out his daughter, Calliope, close to the temple of Persephone, but only find the Queen the the Underworld herself inside. Persephone uses Kratos a chance to be reunited with his daughter in Elysium, but very first he must shed all the strength he has actually been granted together Champion the the Gods. Kratos succumbs prior to learning that Atlas" devastation of the civilization is Persephone"s plan, revenge because that being stranded in the Underworld through Zeus and also Hades. Kratos overcomes the desire to be rejoined with Calliope, destroys the souls in Elysium to regain his powers, and kills Persephone.

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During the battle, Kratos chained Atlas to the world and also destroyed the column which previously held it, subjecting Atlas come his fate. Kratos then returns Helios to the sky, banishing Morpheus" fog and saving the Olympians. The finishing of Chains of Olympus look at an unconscious Kratos left to recuperate from battle by Athena and Helios, reneging on their promise to finish Kratos" suffering. He will certainly awaken top top the suicide Bluffs whereby the original God the War begins. This seems to indicate that the final scene in Chains of Olympus leads straight into the beginning of God of War, but that would cause a continuity error, due to the fact that this is supposedly year prior, and God of War flashes earlier to have the player take manage of Kratos three weeks before his self-destruction attempt.

Ghost of Sparta takes place in between God of war 1 and also 2
The 2nd PSP game"s location refers to one of Kratos" monikers. He is called the Ghost the Sparta because of the color of his skin, stained a pale white by the ashes of his wife and daughter - a curse because that murdering them. Like Chains of OlympusGhost the Sparta likewise explores Kratos" past, beginning with his first interaction with Greek gods Ares and also Athena. Afraid of a prophecy which cited a marked warrior bringing about the finish of the Olympians, Ares found and planned to death Kratos" brother, Deimos, when they to be children. Deimos to be presumed to be the marked warrior since of birthmarks which covered his body. Athena persuaded Ares to spare his life, and also imprison the boy instead.

After acquisition over Ares" throne on Olympus, Kratos becomes curious as to the fate the his mother and also brother. Kratos travel to Atlantis, a city managed by Poseidon, and after much resistance native the water monster Scylla, locates his dice mother, Callisto. She manages to reveal the location of Deimos prior to Poseidon transforms her against Kratos, forcing him to fight a beastly form of her. Escaping Atlantis, Kratos frees the titan Thera, which outcomes in the flooding of the city. Kratos returns to Sparta just to discover that the gateway come Death"s Domain, whereby Deimos is being held captive by Thanatos, is in Atlantis.

Kratos returns to Atlantis, enters Death"s Domain and frees Deimos, that is upset at Kratos for no coming sooner. The brothers eventually reconcile, and team up in a fight versus Thanatos near the self-destruction Bluffs, a fight in which Deimos is killed. After Thanatos is defeated, Ghost of Sparta ends v Kratos transporting his brother"s body back to the self-destruction Bluffs, where a dig digger - later revealed to be a disguised Zeus - buries him external the portal come Olympus. This leads directly into the grand events of God of battle 2, and a post-credits scene reflects the grave digger burying Callisto beside Deimos, with a 3rd grave open, implied to it is in prepared for Kratos.

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The two PSP games might not have been developed by Santa Monica Studio, but they obtained a comparable level of an essential acclaim. While the mainline God of War trilogy is still the many centrally vital to Kratos" revenge versus the god of mountain Olympus, Chains the Olympus and Ghost of Sparta execute an superior job of filling in much more of Kratos" past, for this reason deepening his characterization. God the War has actually largely relocated Kratos on indigenous its Greek saga, but Ready in ~ Dawn"s two entries originally released top top the playstation Portable space still integral come the overall timeline.