HONG KONG: Blackpink and also Twice can be the queens of K-pop today, but prior to their reign one more girl group paved the way. Girls' Generation, additionally called So-nyuh Shi-dae or SNSD in Korean, conquered music charts from 2007 to 2018 under SM to chat that, releasing catchy hits choose Gee and Oh!

Although it"s been three years due to the fact that the tape last released a song, its members have remained in the limelight many thanks to their solo activities.

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So what have actually they to be up to?

Despite no longer performing with each other as a group, a couple of members quiet pursued methods in the music sector by starting solo careers.

Among them is former leader Taeyeon, who has released 4 albums and also nine singles, even winning a digital record of the year daesang (main prize) in ~ the Seoul Music Awards.

Her bandmate Tiffany, meanwhile, returned residence to the joined State to start a job there. She exit singles such as Over my Skin and Lips on Lips, which won she an compensation for ideal solo breakout in ~ the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

Hyoyeon determined to take a different musical path: in 2018, she changed herself together DJ Hyo, publication self-produced monitor in collaboration with artist such as Loopy and Soyeon indigenous G(I-dle). Just this August, she launched new track second featuring Bibi.

While a few Girls" Generation members walk TV cameos in the past, countless of them took the band"s unknown hiatus together an opportunity for bigger duties in films and TV series.

Yoona, who previously won most famous actress in film at the 53rd Baeksang arts Awards because that her duty as Park Min-young in Confidential Assignment, is collection to reprise her duty in Confidential Assignment 2 together Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin.

Sooyoung additionally chased a career on the large screen. Simply last February 2021, she movie brand-new Year Blues to be released, wherein she play the positive gardener Oh-wol.

On the other hand, other member Yuri has been a fixture on TV, taking main roles in collection such together Break up Probation, A Week and also Bossam: steal the Fate.

Girls" Generation"s maknae (youngest member) Seohyun likewise became a top lady in television collection such as exclusive Lives, where she starred alongside go Kyung-pyo. Recently, she was considering a lead function in upcoming drama Jinx"s Lover.

Sunny has also been a constant on oriental TV - no as a lead actress of a drama, but as a witty and also entertaining range show MC. She is at this time the main organize of shows like Idea Panda and Legendary Trainee.

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Jessica Jung has ongoing to flourish even after officially leave the group in 2014. The former K-pop star is currently an created entrepreneur in the fashion industry. She sit at the helm that her own brand Blanc & Eclare, i m sorry sells clothing, eyewear and also accessories. In 2017, she was even named one of Forbes" 30 Under 30 in Asia.