There is so lot vampire fiction and vampire romantic fiction out there the it has actually reached a an essential mass; there are now “trends” in vampire mythology. It seems that some vampire powers and abilities are trendy and also some, well, aren’t.

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Vampires still have actually a craving because that blood – ns doubt that one will ever go away. They will likewise probably live forever, too.

Mental domination and also nocturnal/day-time walking…these seem to differ according to the author you’re reading and the needs of that author’s story.

But there’s part obscure vampire powers i haven’t seen in any type of fiction because that the longest time, such as most vampires are claimed to be able to unravel any knot castle come across. Now there’s a poser!

There is additionally a legend that states if girlfriend scatter a grasp of seed in the route of a vampire he will be compelled come stop and also count every seed. I can see why this one has actually dropped out of favour through authors. It would make today’s modern vampires watch OCD and an extremely unsexy indeed.

Then yes sir the one around the mirrors and also how a vampire can not be reflected in them. I haven’t watched that in any kind of fiction lately till I started catching up v the BBC Wales TV collection Being Human. In Season One yes a weird however tense scene whereby the 3 main personalities are fooled right into watching a vampire who has filmed themselves having sex and then feeding and also killing a human…but just the person shows top top the DVD (then the vampire’s bloody footprints as soon as she walks through the blood pooling afterwards).

It make me realize the it has actually been a long while due to the fact that I had come throughout this particular trait in vampire fiction. It has fallen the end of favour in contemporary vampire lore and also I started to wonder why.

Why friend Can’t view Vampires In Mirrors

I go a little bit of research right into why vampires were invisible in winter in the very first place, and also some that the answers I discovered were bizarre and also downright hilarious, including:

Vampires are transparent and light passes with them for this reason if they was standing in prior of a winter there is no reflection because the irradiate is simply passing v them. Vampires can counter this, however for the many part, their reflections are obscured.If castle can respond to this, why wouldn’t they counter it permanently? and also if they can’t reflect light, us wouldn’t have the ability to see them through our eyes, whether a winter was involved or not.Originally, mirrors were made by laying a glass sheet end silver. Silver was taken into consideration a pure metal and that purity is abhorent to superordinary creatures, so they were not reflected in mirrors.Okay, however why no their clothes showing up, though? In the movie Dracula, he hissed and also threw the mirror out the home window because the offended him, but prior to that moment, Jonathon Harker fail to watch his reflection in the mirror, clothes and all. The apparel found the winter abhorent, too?And perhaps the finest answer: The reason vampires could not be viewed in winter is because way back when, they believed mirrors reflect souls and vampires, being the undead, had actually no souls (nothing to do with silver, etc). This is also the reason it’s bad luck to break mirrors (because the mirror breaking additionally breaks breaks the part of your soul captured in it) and also why human being covered winter when world died in the house, to protect against souls being captured, and why they offered to say mirrrors always show the true face – in various other words, winter reflect the soul, not the external appearance.Except, static objects prefer pens, chairs and radiant heaters don’t have actually souls, and also they room reflected in mirrors. Why aren’t they invisible? My three cats have actually souls and also are all visible, although I’m no sure around Strider, the ADHD crazy baby-kitty. His heart may have been claimed a long time back – the would define a lot about him…but he bump noses with himself in the mirror, so that doesn’t hold either.

As you deserve to see, yes a couple of explanations, and also I choose the soul-less one the best, back it no really organize water all the well if she trying to use it to construct a fictitious world. You’d need to find, ns think, a much better explanation because that no reflections if you to be going to usage it in contemporary vampire fiction.

In Being Human, therefore far, the vampires have been naked once “not reflected” so the issue of the clothes not gift reflected too hasn’t come up. I’ll it is in interested to see just how they manage that problem when the does.

But the one inquiry that keeps bugging me, since I am that anal and also nerdy, is: just how do vampires dress and groom and maintain any type of sort the a common appearance if they can’t check themselves in the mirror? just how do lock shave?

I imagine that after a couple of years of no seeing yourself, friend adapt. Early humans didn’t have easy accessibility to mirrors, either. Yet to pass as a human being these days, friend do need to reach a minimally acceptable level the grooming, and also that requires mirrors. The vampire hero in Being person is somewhat scruffy, for this reason he could get away v a less than pristine routine, but other vampires in the collection are elegant and well-dressed. Just how do they traction it off? friend can’t merely stroll into a hairdresser’s salon, either … just how do you explain that one away to the stylist? Oh, I lost a lost of weight recently, don’t mind the absence of reflection, dear.

All in all, it’s simple to check out why this details vampiric trait has fallen the end of favour. The takes genuine thought to placed it right into fictional usage in a method that makes sense and also works well for the story.

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All the same, I deserve to feel the an obstacle building… that knows? Non-reflecting vampires might just popular music up in among my stories in the close to future. And also it i will not ~ be because they don’t have souls, either.