University that Wisconsin"s Annemarie Hickey, left, in different color jersey, and teammates Ellen Chapman (20), Haleigh Nelson (13), Courtney Thomas and also Deme Morales (7) celebrate to win a point against Penn State in one NCAA women"s volleyball tournament championship last Dec. 21 in Seattle.

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The libero — Italian for “free” — is a protective specialist position adopted by the NCAA in 2002. It can be thought about the protective equivalent of the designated hitter in baseball. Think designated digger.

The libero put on a different color jersey 보다 the rest of the team due to the fact that she deserve to enter and also leave the lineup freely, there is no counting against the team’s 15 allotted substitutions per set.

The libero deserve to only pat the back row and also although she have the right to serve, she can’t block, attack the ball above the elevation of the network or collection an attacker indigenous the former court.

The idea behind producing the place was to allow teams to store their finest defensive player on the court as lot as possible. It gives extra value to smaller sized players who have tendency not come play follow me the front row.

It is the ability to continue to be on the court virtually full time that makes the libero an ext valuable than other protective specialists, who revolve out after 3 rotations.

Senior Annemarie Hickey was the libero top top the college of Wisconsin volleyball team that advanced to the NCAA competition championship match. She was a hitter in high school at Joliet (Ill.) Catholic, however at 5-foot-8 was relegated come the earlier court many of her college career.

“At first I wasn’t comfortable,” she said. “But it simply kind of prospered on me. I love play defense. Ns love passing and keeping balls turn off the floor and making sure my hitters and also blockers room doing what they need to do. I favor it a many now.”

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University of Wisconsin"s Annemarie Hickey, left, in different color jersey, and teammates Ellen Chapman (20), Haleigh Nelson (13), Courtney Thomas and Deme Morales (7) celebrate winning a point versus Penn State in an NCAA women"s volleyball competition championship final Dec. 21 in Seattle.