Cats stick your bum in the air once you pets them because that is a cat’s positive an answer to the fact that you have hit the appropriate spot once petting them. This activity is lovingly dubbed “elevator butt.” not all cats enjoy being scratched follow me the spine or in ~ the tail base, however if your cat does, you have actually probably watched the elevator walk up.

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If her cat sticks its bum in the air as soon as you pet it and also you want to know much more about this behavior, save on reading.

Why execute cats stick your bum in the air once you pets them?

Cats like to be petted; this is most evident when castle raise their backs and bums as soon as you room nearby. Below are some reasons why cats execute this:

1. Your cat trusts you.

as soon as cats background their back and rear, they space telling you the they to trust you and also appreciate all that you do for them. When you pets them ~ above the earlier and lock raise their ago or rear, lock might also be do the efforts to make petting feel much better for themselves by providing more force.

2. Your cat likes the clues you space petting.

If her cat walk the elevator butt while you room petting them, they can be informing you that you have hit the appropriate spot and also they want you to store on petting them at the basic of the tail, their hips, or tail. Some cats are particularly fond of pet in those areas, while various other cats space not.

3. Your female cat is in heat.

If your female cat is unspayed, she could be act the elevator butt to display screen entirely different behavior. When female cats space in heat, they raise their bums in the air due to the fact that this is how they would current for a masculine cat. Your best option as soon as your cat is doing this is come wait because that the heat to pass, then take them to the vet to get spayed.

4. Her cat preserved this behavior from kittenhood.

The other usual reason cats raise their backs and bums is that it is reminiscent of habits they had actually as kittens. As soon as your cat trusts you and cares for you, they will think of you partly as a surrogate mother.

Like their mother, you feed, pet, and groom them. You offer them attention, entertainment, and support. Mom cats assist groom the back fifty percent of your kittens since it take away the kittens a while prior to they deserve to reach those locations themselves. Few of that behavior likely originates from remembering their mother grooming them together kittens.

5. Your cat desires you to aid it scratch an itch.

Cats might raise their earlier hips and lower back because these room relatively complicated places for them to reach while grooming. They might be itchy over there or think the tenderness massage that patting and petting feels good.

Why execute cats like having their bum patted?

For part cats, bum pets are the best feasible pets. Castle will immediately “elevator butt” once you space paying attention to them. Part cats also get upset with civilization who space not ready to scratch their hips.

Your cat enjoys the sensation because there are countless nerve end at the basic of your tails and also around their hips. Because those areas are additionally a lot more difficult for your cat come reach, they depend on you and also possibly your various other cats to aid them scratch those itches and stimulate those nerves.

Cats may also be making use of this place to help spread your scent. Cats have actually anal scent glands as well as some scent glands at the base of your tails. Some cats seem come dislike using those odor glands on people, while others think the is critical part of noting their territory and also their favorite people.

Do no worry because you will not be able to smell the odor from those glands. The smell is all around communicating with other cats. While her cat thinks it is necessary to make you smell choose them, you will not must take a shower after this sort of petting.

Why execute some cat not favor their backs touched?

On the other hand, there space cats that carry out not like having actually their backs scratched. Once your cat refuses to let friend touch their back, that is not a authorize that they execute not favor or trust you. Early in your relationship, that can be the reason, however a well-socialized cat through an established relationship with you may simply not like gaining pets in that area.

They might not favor being touch there due to the fact that there space a lot of nerve endings along their ago and close to the tail. Most sensitive cats might think gaining pets in those areas feel prefer being tickled, which they carry out not like.

However, if her cat typically loves obtaining their earlier and bum scratched, but every one of a sudden seems choose it is in actual distress once its ago is touched, you can have to take it it to the vet. Cats can suffer indigenous a slipped disc choose humans, and a sudden pain follow me their earlier might be a authorize of the condition.

Another common cause of pain along a cat’s ago is kidney problems. If her cat has actually kidney issues, it can start avoiding getting pets along its back.

How do cats prefer to it is in petted?

There is no one sure petting trick that all cats love. You can shot to number out what functions for her cat by trying different petting formats until you uncover one that your cat will enjoy. Purring and also rubbing room the most apparent signs that enjoyment.

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Cats raise their backs and also bums once you pets them to communicate trust and appreciation. Female cats will additionally raise your bums as soon as they space in heat as a method to display screen themselves to males. Cats retain kitten actions when they raise your bums towards you since they check out you together a surrogate parent. Or cat may just like raising your bums more into her hand as you pet them,to apply an ext force so your itches have the right to be scratched much more deeply.