Why go hockey usage periods instead of halves or quarters? It needs to do with the high quality of the game. Inspect out our post to discover the complete reason!


Yesterday, the NHL announced that the league will have actually a 24 team playoff tournament if the season is to resume later this summer. The continuous season will be scrapped if the NHL returns. With this news native the NHL, we wanted to compose a item on the sports of hockey. As numerous of you know, the NHL is played through three periods of 20 minute each. Why does hockey use three periods instead of 2 halves or 4 quarters? The answer makes a the majority of sense.

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The difficulty of 2 halves

Back in the so late 1800’s and early 1900’s, hockey used to be played in 2 30 minute halves. The problem with the 2 halves is that the ice cream would gain all cut up and snow would build on the ice because it was just being cleaned once a game. This resulted in a slow pace that play in ~ the end of each fifty percent and the top quality of beat suffered. Also, with just one halftime, or intermission, the players would certainly become really tired in ~ the end of each half.

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For the top quality of the game

As hockey professionalized and also turned into a form of entertainment, a readjust was necessary to make the top quality of the game better. The readjust that come was altering the video game from 2 30 minute halves, to three 20 minute periods. This permitted for two intermissions that enabled the ice cream to it is in cleaned twice during a video game rather than once, and allowed players much more time to rest during the game. The pace of play towards the end of the durations improved, and also the top quality of hockey became comparable to the beginning of the game. Players were fresher and the high quality of the game became an ext consistent.

Why “period” rather of “third”

The reason why hockey periods are called “periods” and not “thirds” is because of the awkwardness of speak “the third third”. In football and also basketball, the first quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and fourth 4 minutes 1 is straightforward to say. The first third, 2nd third, and third third is more awkward come say. This brought about calling the thirds “periods”.

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Why go hockey play through 3 periods and not 4 soldier like other sports?

The answer come this concern is as result of how long the intermissions take. Because ice requirements to be cleaned, the intermissions are fairly long. The NHL take away 17 minutes for each intermission. Most of the intermission time is used for the ice cream to it is in cleaned. If the 3 durations were readjusted to 4 quarters, the intermission time would be longer than the actual play time. This would cause a longer video game time and a lot an ext dead time because that fans.

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