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Inhaling helium and talking like Daffy Duck is a classic party trick. But not countless know how helium works. Helium is lot lighter 보다 air, for this reason sound waves relocate much faster through the gas. This amplifies the greater frequencies in her voice. The gas sulfur hexafluoride works in opposing way.The complying with is a transcript the the video.

It’s a standard party trick- suck down a balloon and you’ll sound choose Daffy Duck every time. Yet helium no the only gas that’ll readjust the way you talk. So those going ~ above here?

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. Janice didn’t inhale a balloon full of helium. That’s just her “normal” voice. So, let"s take it a look at just how that"s even possible. The sound of her voice beginning in your voice box, or larynx. The a two-inch piece of cartilage at the optimal of your throat. In the box space two stretchy strands that tissue, your vocal cords. Which vibrate against each other at a particular frequency when you talk.

Women usually have thinner, shorter, tighter vocal cords than men. So, their vocal cords vibrate quicker which generates a higher pitched voice. The sound is called the basic frequency of her voice. On its very own it just sounds favor a straightforward buzzing. However when that reaches your vocal tract, the sound waves start bouncing around. Those reflect interfere through each other. Which create a mix of other frequencies, that you have the right to detect v a spectrogram. So even though her voice start out together one frequency, it end up together a mix of multiple ones.

And that"s wherein helium comes into play. Helium is lighter 보다 air. Which method sound moves faster through helium than v air – virtually 3 times faster, in fact. For this reason the sound waves bounce roughly faster in her vocal tract, i beg your pardon amplifies the greater frequencies in her voice. It"s sort of favor how speeding up your voice renders it sound higher.

But host on a sec. These human being aren"t inhaling helium. They"re sucking under sulfur hexafluoride, which is 6 times heavier than air. So sound waves move slower with it, i m sorry amplifies the lower frequencies in your voice. However here"s the fascinating thing. The pitch of her voice hasn"t changed when girlfriend inhale one of two people gas, because your vocal cords move at the same rate no issue what gas you"re breathing. So your basic frequency stays, fine fundamental.

Regardless of whether you desire to sound favor Daffy Duck or James Earl Jones, save in mind the inhaling anything but air have the right to be dangerous. Particularly when the gas is denser than air, because it will sink come the bottom of your lungs.

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And you may have actually to acquire it out favor this. What questions execute you have about the human body? allow us know in the comments and thanks because that watching.