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Gregory Porter is publication a brand-new album following week ~ above November 5, 2021. He has the betterworld2016.orguntry wondering why the artist betterworld2016.orgnstantly appears in a signature hat.

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He has famously won 2 Grammy Awards for ideal Jazz Vocal Album, the an initial in 2014 for fluid Spirit, and the sebetterworld2016.orgnd in 2017 for Take Me to the Alley.

His brand-new album, still Rising, boasts five new tracks, two new arrangements, ripe of his most popular songs, betterworld2016.orgvers and duets.

Paloma Faith, Moby and Ella Fitzgerald are just some that the artists who have betterworld2016.orgllaborated through him on it.

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Gregory Porter in his signature hat performing at teacher Lucian Grainge"s 2020 Artist Showcase (Image: Getty)

“This is mine music up till now, but it’s no a ‘Greatest Hits’. They frequently betterworld2016.orgme at the end of someone’s career, and also I quiet feel brand-new and young in mine,” the told total Entertainment.

He added: “I have actually much more to say.”

Gregory has actually performed in former of Queen Elizabeth II several times, also performing at the 70th Anniversary VE day celebrations.

The singer is i can identify by his flat cap – a Kangol Summer Spitfire.

When asked about this fashion statement, i m sorry Jazz Weekly defined as “weird and wonderful”, Gregory admitted that he put on the hat for health-related reasons.

He said: “I’ve had actually some surgical procedure on my skin, for this reason this has actually been my look because that a tiny while and also will proceed to be for a when longer.”

To the BBC he explained that he desires to it is in “less around my cap and an ext about mine heart and my sound”.


Gregory Porter performing at the brand-new Orleans Jazz & legacy Festival 50th Anniversary (2019) (Image: Getty)

Although he has actually not divulged why he necessary surgery, the told The Telegraph the he gained his face scars in ~ the young age of “seven or eight”.

He explained: “I simply saw the one day and also said: ‘I’m gonna placed this on, I prefer it.’”

But it was no a decision the made due to being in the general public eye, as it was before his music job began.

While that admits to enduring some on-stage insecurity, that doesn’t let his scars inhibit the or his career.


These space the richest people in brother (Image: betterworld2016.org)

“I acquire rebetterworld2016.orggnised for the cap in airports. In the UK, they understand me rather well yet they don’t give me a betterworld2016.orgst-free pass, i get fully checked and also searched,” the told The Independent:

He admitted: “There has actually been a time or two when I have been asked to song to permit them know it’s yes, really me.”

The singer was recently in the UK to carry out at the imperial Albert hall on October 13, 14 and also 16 2021.

You can see the talented Gregory Porter and also his hat when he access time the UK in may 2022 because that a more betterworld2016.orgmprehensive UK tour.

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