"1738, ayyy, I"m favor hey, what"s increase hello, seen your pretty ass soon as you come in the door,"- Fetty Wap, 2015.

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A true poet. Fetty Wap > 2Pac. Friend can talk about why 2Pac is the greatest rapper of all time in the comments section which I"ll dutifully ignore. However really, Fetty Wap had actually a huge 2015. The only human being who maybe outdid him to be Drake. 2 rappers which significantly annoy the "90s to be the golden age" cumulative of hip-hop fans.

You might insurance claim to be anti-Fetty yet if friend haven"t spent the past year shouting "1738" in nightclubs every time "Trap Queen" has been played, have you really lived?

It actually has some definition though. Is the Fetty"s favourite time the the day? No. Is it roughly how plenty of "bands he lets go" at the strip club every time that visits? Again, no.

Is it Fetty Wap"s area code? maybe he loves to talk around his location, similar to Drake wanted us all to recognize that "From The 6" is a referral to his native Toronto?


Unsurprisingly it"s an expensive liquor, due to the fact that it"s cool to write songs about premium alcohol. Personally, there aren"t enough odes come Buckfast and it"s 100% proven success price to obtain you from 0-turnt in approximately 35 minutes.


"1738 is the ideal liquor in the metropolitan district. If you walk to the liquor store and you gain a bottle of 1738, it"s going to be the most expensive Remy... And also that"s what us are, we"re the finest, we"re the best," he once described to Vlad TV.

According to city Dictionary, he also thought the drink was the most expensive drink in the world due to the fact that when the was growing up, 1738 was the highest possible priced item in ~ the alcohol store.

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Remy Boyz 1738 is likewise the surname of Fetty Wap"s squad in new Jersey i m sorry of course are additionally named after ~ the cognac.

The rapper also reveled critical year just how he shed vision in one of his eyes. In an interview through TMZ, the 24-year-old shown he had actually congenital glaucoma in both eyes as soon as he to be a child. Despite doctors" best efforts, they can only save one eye.