Is is really due to the fact that of the sun that every planets stays in its own fixed orbit?



It is ,of course, heaviness which keeps the planets circling the sun. They room actually falling toward the sun, however as the sunlight is a sphere, its surface keeps curving away, therefore they never get any closer to it. Because they space in a state of cost-free fall, they space in result weightless through respect come the sun, simply as the space station is weightless with respect come the Earth, and also as they use no energy in falling they deserve to do it for ever. If you room wondering why you don"t feeling weightless, that"s since of the gravitational field of the Earth. If the an are station was a enormous body like the moon.the astronauts wouldn"t it is in weightless,but although the space station has a gravitational field of its very own it is so trivial that it has no measurable effect on the astronauts.

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Isn't it likely that many extra solar planets don't transit their star in line through the Earth?

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