Well, we room obviously in a place to communicate with lots of Men as with your Man. We additionally have done quite a little bit of researching ~ above the topic (and no from net chat rooms, we mean real quantitative examine reviews, actual person psychology science.) Hopefully us can provide you a small useful information, and aid you stop a many the non-sense you’ll see on the internet.

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The vast bulk of males who have a Panty wearing preference are heterosexual, and are in reality much more likely to it is in 100% right than the general population.

Men wearing women"s Panties for sex-related excitement is completely different and also separate indigenous gender-identity issues. Because that the vast majority of women, we can clearly say “Your male is not gay, and also does not want to it is in a woman.”

The bulk of males with Panty wearing choices are so very attracted to females, that this is a means to feel even closer come women and may offer as a stress and anxiety release because that those through stressful careers.

Very couple of men with a Panty wearing preference (aka fetish) room non-heterosexuals, the is actually really rarely for them to it is in non-heterosexual. (Most of our gay male friends are also freaked our by words “Panties”, so forget about wearing, or even touching them.. LOL) Certainly, there room exceptions, and we welcome and adopt everyone in ours LGBTQ family. But this web page is specifically around male-female relationships whereby he likes attract women’s Panties.

Big Picture.

These studies additionally show that males with a Panty choice on average: have higher IQs, make an ext money, are an ext successful, are an ext loyal to your wives/girlfriends, are much less likely to cheat, space much much more likely to have actually type-A alpha masculine professions (like executives, lawyers, doctors, law enforcement, leadership positions of all varieties and various other "manly" professions.)

How common?

Quite prevalent. In reality 3-5% the heterosexual males regularly stay women’s lingerie because that pleasure. The bulk do this secretly. So around one in every 20-30 men are covertly enjoying women’s lingerie to some extent. Most have a deep desire to share the endure with their mate, yet store it hidden.


Having a Panty wearing choice (aka fetish) is no a psychological disorder, nor does it predispose him come have any kind of mental disorder. That is a harmless, but an effective attraction come a symbol of opposing sex.


What come do?

Girls, if you are analysis this due to the fact that of a special guy in her life, then he has actually trusted you through the deepest and also most personal component of his being, something an extremely precious, and also I to be happy for you both!

During the past few years, us have had actually the distinctive opportunity to have private conversations through so countless men top top this perceptible subject. Us feel compelled come share what we have actually learned, how necessary it is come him, and how tough it can be for him come tell you.

So my advice to the ladies: If you understand your guy likes attract Panties climate take full benefit of this tiny gem. So straightforward to pave him around your small finger, it"s virtually not fair! Soon, you might Love it much more than the does. HaHa! He"s a keeper, and now friend know specifically how to get anything friend want. Too many women take it the "try to ignore it" approach and are sadly lacking out ~ above a wonderfully intimate opportunity. That is together a an easy little crucial to his heart, usage it and also he will certainly Love you come the end of time.

Here’s a tiny chart to aid you find HIS Panty dimension ;)


Why space we composing this? because unlike us, hetero guys suffer tremendous shame and also degradation native this harmless tiny quirk. Now are we just trying to market Panties? for goodness sake, this is a really small part of our client base. If males never bought here again, our accountant would certainly never notification (but we"d obtain a lot much less emails!!!) If posting info like this do money, then VS and everyone else would be doing that too. Also if 10% of men started put on Panties, the is tiny contrasted to the 100% of women who do! We simply hate seeing such loving men obtaining misrepresented, really hate it.

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Thank you because that taking the time to check out this. You are obviously patient and kind, and I check out why he loves you.