I choose feet. I’m turn on by many other body components too—pretty much every one of them in fact. However it’s mine unabashed fondness for feet that has garnered the many remarks from partners. Some space bemused by the level of fist I give their trotters, if others room delighted to have their toes and also soles sniffed and kissed. At the very least two partner have even remarked the my reverence has actually helped tamp under feelings they’d harbored about their feet being ugly in some way. Admittedly, ns feel pretty good about that.

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Others however, in spite of my adoration, have admitted emotion self-conscious about rubbing your feet all over my face. A couple of have refused, point-blank, to entertain my requests either on grounds that they are too ticklish to stand up to my ardor or the I’m one incorrigible sex-related deviant who foot-based perversions shall not be humored on their time.

Several year ago, a friend—who knew nothing of mine foot fetish—divulged that as soon as a male gingerly asked to kiss the ankles she’d propped ~ above his shoulders, she screamed at him to instantly remove himself from her and, surely shook, he timeless did.

I quizzed her around the ferocity of she reaction and even walk some single baring (sorry, had actually to) of my own however she can only repeat that his request was “fucking disgusting.” She seemed taken aback as soon as I called her that I believed that her solution seemed harsh provided how often and how enthusiastically she talked around enjoying having actually her ass eaten for hours at a time. “Are girlfriend kidding me?” she said. “That’s a entirely different thing. The foot male was a perv.”

If the foot male was a perv, i guess i am too. “There is no solid statistical data on this,” says new York-based psychotherapist Dulcinea Pitagora a.k.a “the Kink Doctor.” “But in my endure in the lifestyle and in functioning with treatment clients, foot and also shoe or boot fetishes are absolutely the most typical fetishes ns hear about.”

While study on the object is, together Pitagora suggests, scarce, a 2007 study published in the International journal of Impotence Research uncovered that amongst those professing to having a fetish, feet were the most usual preferences for body parts or features and also objects usually linked with the body. Completely 47 percent that Fetish groups subscribers in the sample the examine looked at were into feet. That doesn’t tell us how countless of the masses choose feet- and also foot-related things but among the “pervs” that 2007, it to be pretty big.


I chiefly credit transaction my foot fetish come the occasions of an uncharacteristically long, hot English summer in my middle adolescence. Two various other boys and I spent numerous summer job with three girls we knew native school. Us sunbathed, us hung out at a regional swimming pool, us went go in some surrounding woods—where the girls put plucked daisies in between their toe on an ext than one occasion. In spite of lots that yearning native the boys—particularly me—the activity within our coed sextet remained totally platonic.

The most titillating point that happened from my view was that the girl that I to be interested in finished up leaving a pair the sneakers in ~ my house. Her 2 friends had actually been razzing her about how stinky they’d acquired over the summer. Resigned to the truth that sniffing her well-ripened brothers Knights would be together physically close as I ever got to her, I finished up huffing them whenever ns was alone. The result that it had on my human being was so intense and profound that i feared the my erection would never ever subside.

In mine mind the shoes were a sort of fetish-inducing dual whammy; there to be the odor of she plus the idea that ns was beneath her, figuratively, at she feet. She came over to gain them before school started yet in that week or week and also a fifty percent that those kicks lived at mine house, I obtained an enduring and expanding fetish now in that is 27th year.

Pitagora explains that for many, sexual fetishes originate throughout childhood once experiencing something intuitive or tactile results in a sexual imprint. Put one more way, the seed of my foot fetish may have been sown much earlier and also it was the occasions of the summer that really made them apparent. She notes that youngsters are much more likely to communicate in feet tickling than adults and also are reduced to the ground and therefore more likely to watch bare feet an ext than taller people. Several of those experiences might result in a sexual imprint for some children, she says, while lock wouldn’t because that others.

“It depends on whether a person has an inherent disposition for atypical sexualities,” Pitagora says, explaining that through foot fetishes and also sexuality in general, nature and also nurture tend to interact. “People space born through an inherent predisposition for certain proclivities; this inherent potential for atypical sexualities and fetishes might or might not it is in expressed. Even if it is or not it’s expressed depends on outside stimuli and psychosexual reactions to life experience.” In various other words, some civilization have the potential for sexual fetishes, and also others don’t, but even those with this potential may not realize or become conscious of that potential due to the fact that of various other things going on externally or internally that get in the means or take priority.

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I questioning Pitagora about what accounts because that the subdivisions amongst foot fetishists: the sniffers, the toe-suckers, the sole lickers, the foot-jobbers, the civilization who favor to be penetrated—vaginally, anally, orally—by a foot, human being into stockings, folks who are into shoes and also many various other foot-related fetishes besides.