A quick safety note: 

Don’t allow your kids eat the gummy bears after they’ve soaked in the various solutions. The ones in baking soda and also vinegar will taste awful, and they will certainly all contain bacteria as your youngsters will be dealing with them and then placing them earlier in the fluids.

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AND, if you have actually a cat favor we do, the cat could lick from the containers and/or drop a hair or two among the assorted solutions.

BTW – because of our cat, ns did talk about the prominence of strict clinical procedures and also how data have the right to be contaminated. My youngsters know that our experiment was much more of a fun experiment – and that some contamination without doubt occurred.

Just a assumed – you can want to buy 2 bags the gummy bears – one for the experiment and also one for nibbling.


Some educational info before you start (so friend can define the scientific research to her kids):

Most sugary candy dissolves in water. In fact, you might want to try this experiment first, for this reason your children understand the this is true.

Gummy bears space an exception – castle don’t dissolve in water. This is due to the fact that they’re made through gelatin. When gummy bears room made, gelatin and water are heated and also mixed (like once you make gelatin in ~ home). As the mixture cools, water leaves the candy and the candy hardens and also becomes gummy/chewy.

When you put a gummy bear in water, the is a solute, and the water molecules room a solvent. due to the fact that the gummy be affected by each other does not contain water (remember, the water was removed when the gummy bear to be made), water now moves into the be affected by each other by the process of osmosis. Osmosis is the process whereby water moves from a better concentration the water to a reduced concentration of water (from a container that water come the candy bear).

Also, gummy bears have a semi-permeable membrane – their surface has actually holes in it and these holes permit small, non-charged particles choose water in, yet don’t let larger particles (like sugar) out.

At the start of the experiment, there is less water and an ext gelatin inside each gummy bear. As time passes, this changes, as the gelatin renders the gummy bear act prefer a sponge, soaking up water rather than being dissolved in that (like other candies).

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Try the Gummy be affected by each other Osmosis experiment and see what happens!


This Gummy be affected by each other Osmosis experiment takes less than an hour to collection up, but the really experiment runs for 48 hours.

Materials You require for the Gummy be afflicted with Osmosis ExperimentGummy BearsA glass container for each liquid/solutionOne tablespoon of saltA tablespoon that sugarOne tablespoon the baking sodaRulerCalculatorKitchen scalePaper towelsClock or timerGummy be affected by each other Experiment sheet (included in ~ the end of this post, although the spacing is slightly different)Gummy Bear scientific Data Table (included in ~ the bottom of this post)