It was over 20 years ago (22, to it is in precise) once Sir Mix-A-Lot exit "Baby acquired Back," a love letter to bootlicious females everywhere.

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It to be over 20 years back (22, to be precise) once Sir Mix-A-Lot exit "Baby acquired Back," a love letter to bootlicious females everywhere. But men’s obsession with shapely butts has remained strong ever since—and Kim Kardashian has actually the Instagram hits to prove it. In fact, you might say that rears have replaced breasts as our most scrutinized body part.

But here’s some exciting news: research study from the University of Texas at Austin found that what men are really attracted to isn’t so much the size of the derriere, yet the curve—or, much more specifically, a spinal curvature the offers the illusion the a shapely butt.

In the study, roughly 100 men, between the periods of 17 come 34, were asked to price the attractiveness of images the a woman's silhouette together she was standing sideways. Each image had been transformed so the lower spine curved out at different angles—causing the woman's butt come protrude in differing extremes. What researchers found: Overwhelmingly, men wanted the uber-bendy images that verified the lower spine curved at a 45-degree angle, from back to buttocks.

Pretty interesting, yet do things adjust when butt dimension comes into play? To discover out, the researchers asked 200 males to watch at photos of females with various butt sizes and spinal curves. Turns out, the males were turned on by women whose spinal curvature to be closest to 45 degrees, nevertheless of the size of their rear. “This enabled us come conclusively present that men prefer women that exhibit certain angles that spinal curvature over buttock mass,” said the study’s co-author Eric Russell.

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But prior to those the you through pancake-flat cabooses get all cocky (or, shall us say, cheeky?), examine this out: The reason guys are providing those pushed-out tushes all the love, examine authors surmise, has more to carry out with “prehistoric influences” than criter of beauty. Because pregnancy pitches the center of gravity forward, describes lead author David Lewis, “this spinal framework would have allowed pregnant women to balance your weight end the hips. These ladies would have actually been more effective in ~ foraging during pregnancy and also less likely to suffer spinal injuries. In turn, guys who preferred these ladies would have had actually mates who were much better able to administer for fetus and also offspring, and who would have been able to lug out lot of pregnancies there is no injury.”

The (bottom) bottom line: The best curve made it easier for women to not only bring babies, however to get off their bottoms and also hunt under grub to feed the offspring their men wanted—a desire that apparently has actually been passed down to big galoots today.

Observed David Buss, a college of Texas psychology professor and co-author the the study, “This adds to a cultivation body of evidence that beauty, beauty is not completely arbitrary, or ‘in the eyes of the beholder’ as plenty of in mainstream social science believed, but rather has a systematic adaptive logic.” i m sorry is basically a diplomatic way the saying, "chauvinism that days all the means back come Neanderthal times."

Big butts, tiny butts, whatever. Once do we acquire to sweet in v some clinical methodology of ours own?