With her geokinetic powers, young Tara Markov has served as both friend and foe come the teen Titans.

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Aliases: Tara Markov, AtleeFirst Appearance: THE new TEEN TITANS #26, 1982




Young Tara Markov showed up to the outside people a sarcastic yet lovable teenage girl, who as the Super-Hero called Terra to be a member the the teen Titans. But it was ultimately revealed the the teenage heroine, who had the power to control the planet itself, wasn"t actually heroic at all. Terra was revealed to it is in a deeply troubled sociopath and also deadly hitwoman, that was planted inside the team together a spy through her companion Slade Wilson, much better known as the mercenary Deathstroke. 


Tasked with the mission of finding the end her teammates" secrets and giving them come Deathstroke, so he could then use those secrets versus them, Terra betrayed the group of young heroes who had dubbed her friend. She ultimately tried to death them every in a foolish rage, only to die herself by her very own hand. Various other young ladies with comparable powers arised over time and also used the password name Terra, attempting come redeem she name and legacy, however many struggled v the burden of the vault Terra"s actions. In the new timeline that the DC Universe, a various version the Tara Markov has emerged, however whether she goes down the very same dark route of she predecessor has yet to be revealed.

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Bronze Age

Tara Markov should have lived a privileged life, gift born the daughter the royalty. But as she was the illegitimate daughter that King Viktor Markov that Markovia and also an unknown woman who died in childbirth, she was hidden from windy view and knowledge, together her presence would ar a black color smear on the imperial family. She was put in the care of Markovian scientist Dr. Helga Jace, who performed experiment on the child, and also Tara was provided incredible earth manipulation strength (these powers to be later additionally given to she brother, Prince Brion, a.k.a Geo-Force). When she obtained these abilities, she father had actually her shipped turn off from Markovia and also sent to America, every to stop her identity from being discovered. Maybe it was the denial from her family, or maybe it was the genetic manipulation which granted she powers, however Tara displayed signs the mental illness from a young age, believing her powers make her much better than plain people, and that they need to all be subjugated. 


While quiet in her early teens, Tara became a metahuman hitwoman currently using the codename "Terra." it was during this time, once she was around fifteen years old, the she encountered Slade Wilson, far better known together Deathstroke the Terminator, a well-known and highly pertained to mercenary. She gone into into a physical relationship with the lot older man, and was then contracted through him into joining the teen Titans as a spy. Her mission to be to infiltrate and also gain the trust of the team, therefore she would find out their mystery identities and also other personal information, details which Deathstroke would use to eventually defeat the Titans. 


The teenager Titan named Changeling (formerly Beast Boy) first encountered Terra once she was threatening to destroy the Statue of Liberty, and later, robbing a bank. She told Changeling that all of these acts were points she to be being compelled to carry out by a group of terrorists, that were holding her parents, the King and Queen that Markovia, hostage. Once one that the terrorists revealed that her parents had actually indeed been killed, Terra no longer had actually to walk crimes for them, and now found a residence with the teen Titans. The whole story to be fabricated that course, and also the “terrorists” functioned for Deathstroke. Although countless of the Titans still had questions about Terra, and saw holes in the backstory she had provided them, Changeling instantly arisen feelings for the young woman, although in ~ first, she did not seem to reciprocate.


After some time as a member of the team in an excellent standing, she started to show some affection in the direction of Changeling, yet it was all an act. Soon, the Titans revealed all their keys to Terra, and also she wasted no time in giving that details to Deathstroke. He supplied his knowledge to kidnap the Titans with Terra"s help, and send them to his employers, the criminal organization referred to as the H.I.V.E. As soon as captured, Terra revealed the truth around who she yes, really was come them, every one of whom to be shocked that the young girl they witnessed as a friend was a awful killer, and had played them every for fools. No one was much more hurt by this revelation than Changeling, who had fallen in love with Tara, and was encouraged she to be being coerced through Deathstroke. In return, she did nothing however taunt him as the rest of the team together weak "do-gooders."


Helping rescue the Titans from the H.I.V.E. Was Deathstroke"s own son, Joseph Wilson, additionally known as the metahuman Jericho. He had the power to own others, and while in manage of his father"s body, he offered it come subdue Terra. No realizing Deathstroke to be possessed, she witnessed this as a betrayal, and also quickly flew into a rage, unleashing every one of her strength at once, against everyone. She damaged the HIVE base, and eventually she accidentally killed herself together well. It was Changeling who uncovered her human body in the rubble. She was given a appropriate Teen Titans burial, and also her status as a traitor was no revealed come the public, not also to her own brother.



Post situation ON unlimited EARTHS

The sting that Terra"s treason hurt the Titans because that years. Also though they let Jericho join the team together her replacement, lock were slow-moving to trust again. After the scars of Terra had finally healed because that the team, she seemingly went back from the grave, as the Titans were challenged with a girl who had the precise same powers and also appearance together Terra. She was actually a doppelganger of Tara Markov"s, and had to be sent earlier in time with a group referred to as the Team Titans, to kill Donna Troy before she gave birth to a son, who would grow up to dominion the future together the despotic lord Chaos. They were able to avoid this future indigenous happening without killing Donna, and the Team Titans continued to be in the present.


This Terra developed a crush on Changeling, but he did no reciprocate those feelings, as she looked too lot like the initial Terra. Eventually, he began to realize they were without doubt separate people. The future that Terra II compliment from was wiped away throughout the time crisis called Zero Hour, and all yet one of she Team Titans teammates, Mirage, were wiped native existence. It was revealed that Terra II was really from the present, and her origins were much more of a mystery to her 보다 ever. She join the continual Titans team till they disbanded. Not lengthy after, she visits Geo-Force, and also he submits Terra II to genetic testing, i m sorry reveals that her DNA matches his sister, the actual Tara Markov. However, Geo-Force, having because learned of his sister"s betrayal, lied to Terra II and told her that she was no a enhance for his sister, because that her own peace that mind.


It was ultimately revealed the Terra II to be a member the the subterranean race called the Stratans, who was granted geokinetic powers by a substance distinctive to that people called quixium. Because her powers to be so similar to Tara Markov"s, DNA from the original Terra was combined in v her own, so she could completely pass together Tara Markov in the people above. But the process by i m sorry she was provided Markov"s appearance additionally wiped her memory. She eventually died in battle, as soon as she and also several heroes attempted to prevent the rampage of black color Adam, an event later described as "World battle III."



Post unlimited CRISIS

After the second Terra"s death, a 3rd Terra emerged. Named Atlee, she wore a different costume 보다 the vault Terras, and also had jet black color hair. However, her power set was the exact same as theirs. Atlee likewise came indigenous the intra-terrestrial race of world that live deep listed below the Earth"s surface dubbed the Stratans, just as Terra II did. She race"s culture and survive was attached with the earth itself, and they occasionally created a champion come send come the surface people to protect the ecosystem. 


After Terra II died, Atlee was offered geokinetic powers likewise based upon the hereditary template Tara Markov. Taking human form, she pertained to the surface ar world and began a career together a Super-Hero, and also the people was presented to Terra III. She an initial made herself recognized by teaming up through Supergirl, and also later, by becoming a sidekick to power Girl and residing in Manhattan. 


The initial Terra finally did return, in a way, as soon as the BLACKEST NIGHT occasion spread throughout the galaxy. Throughout this event, Tara Markov’s corpse was restored by the black Lantern Corps, and she was provided as mental warfare against the Titans, specifically Beast Boy, who had never pertained to terms through his feelings for her, or she ultimate betrayal. She is eventually defeated and also returned to the grave, in addition to all the various other Black Lanterns.



New 52

After the events of 2011"s FLASHPOINT, reality was altered, and the previous background of Tara Markov to be wiped native existence, consisting of her death. A brand-new Tara Markov arised in this brand-new timeline, with the specific same powers and appearance together the original. Captured by the group dubbed N.O.W.H.E.R.E, she eventually escaped with various other young metahumans, and under the accuse of Caitlin Fairchild, these young heroes referred to as themselves the Ravagers. Amongst the various other members that the Ravagers was Beast Boy, who emerged feelings because that Terra simply as in the previous timeline. Many recently, Terra joined the group referred to as Defiance, led by Deathstroke. Considering their partnership in the ahead timeline, this partnership could not bode well because that the DC Universe. 


All the women called Terra have a power called geokinesis, which enables them to take control and also manipulate the planet itself. The initial Terra had actually her powers provided to she by a brilliant scientist named Dr. Helga Jace, and also all the other Terra’s provided Markov’s DNA as a template. With these powers, castle can manage all forms of rock, dirt and minerals. The Terras deserve to use this strength to shape planet into whatever kind they desire, and also can additionally lift big chunks or rock into the air, i beg your pardon is provided to propel themselves right into flight. All 3 Terras likewise have presented the strength to turn parts of the earth roughly them right into projectile weapons. Lock can likewise create earthquakes and tremors that various levels of severity, regularly tied into their emotions. 




"Runaways" (THE brand-new TEEN TITANS #26, 1982)

Terra make her very first appearance together a "reluctant" villain in this story, together Changeling must stop she from committing assorted acts that terrorism. She speak the former Beast young that she is being required into performing this criminal acts due to a team of terrorists holding she parents hostage. The Titans agree to assist her, and take her in as among their own. However the empath raven senses there is something not fairly right around their newest member indigenous the very beginning.

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"The Judas Contract" (TALES the THE teen TITANS #42-44, yearly #3, 1984)

After virtually two years, Terra and also Deathstroke"s arrangement to infiltrate the Titans and steal all their keys finally involves fruition, and also with help from Deathstroke, she offers her powers versus her teammates, and also hand it is intended them come the angry organization referred to as the H.I.V.E. Revealed together the traitor she is, she unleashed every her fury and also power ~ above her previous teammates, a rage which results in her accidently acquisition her own life. The takes the Titans year to fully recover from this stunning betrayal. 





"Prelude" (THE brand-new TITANS #1, 1991)

After numerous years, a new heroine called Terra emerges, that looks similar to the original. In her an initial appearance, we are led to think that she is somehow Tara Markov brought back to life, yet she is climate revealed to be from the future and sent earlier in time. Her history would get much more confusing from here on out, however in this first appearance, reader were left shocked in ~ what appeared to it is in the returns of the long-dead Titan. 





"Rock On!" (SUPERGIRL #12, 2007)

After the fatality of the second Terra, a new heroine called Atlee with the same name and also powers emerged, and also fought alongside Supergirl. Return she looked nothing prefer the vault Terras physically, she had the very same powers. She was revealed to it is in from a subterranean race referred to as the Stratans, sent to the surface people to help protect the Earth. 





"Training Day" (SUPERBOY #8, 2012)

In the post-FLASHPOINT timeline, a new version the Tara Markov appears as a member of the team called the Ravagers, who were young metahumans who were caught by a nefarious organization called NOWHERE, and also banded together when they escaped. There, she fought alongside Beast Boy. The two developed romantic feelings because that one another. In her an initial appearance, she fights against the young clone called Superboy.