The George Lopez present may have aired the last episode over a te ago, but most that us room still into watching the reruns ~ above TV.

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The sitcom, i beg your pardon aired on abc from 2002 come 2007, focused on comedian George Lopez and his life v his fictitious family. If Lopez was already a popular actor and comedian, the present helped make a surname for actress Masiela Lusha, who starred together his teen daughter Carmen for five seasons.

She reflect on her time on the set to Sitcoms Online in 2013, saying, "George and Constance Marie taught me therefore much around work ethic and valuing one"s craft, the to this day, ns still refer back to your lessons."

While Lusha spoke very of she time ~ above the show, she chose to not return for the show"s final season. She declared that the decision was finest for her character Carmen who had actually gone turn off to college in the show. Lusha explained, "I feeling one deserve to only prosper so lot when confined by one certain environment. Carmen essential that possibility to launch right into a new world exterior of the Lopez residence in bespeak to proceed her evolution."

Despite lacking the critical season, Lusha appreciated play the passionate and sensitive Carmen, telling We Blab Entertainment in 2017 the "it was profitable as an actor to take her through her journey." and it appears that Lusha has actually something unique in common with she beloved character.

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George Lopez star Masiela Lusha has regulated to continue to be busy in the years after the sitcom got canceled through ABC.

For one, choose her personality Carmen on George Lopez, Lusha is a poet and also even released a collection of her occupational in a publication called The living Air.

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She is additionally still a functioning actress, having appeared in several films including Showtime"s Fatal Instinct, opposite Laguna Beach alum Stephen Colletti in the fear film Kill Katie Malone, and in 3 of the famous Sharknado movies.

She speak to Tell-Tale TV in 2017 about the success that the TV movie series, saying, "I think the lifeline of Sharknado is society media. It felt favor we to be watching it together, globally. It was really nice."

Lusha additionally pleased fans as soon as she showed up on previous co-star George Lopez"s TV land sitcom Lopez, whereby she played a fictional version of herself, a reunion the she said left pan wanting an ext of the former George Lopez show. "It wasn"t enough for fans. They automatically started asking when the display was comes back."

While there space no plans for a George Lopez reboot just yet, the present will always be distinct for Lusha. She called Sitcoms Online in 2013, "I feel fortunate to have learned indigenous such exceptionally talented actors, to evolve and also grow under their influence. We mutual such vital part of our resides together, so ns will constantly consider the actors family."