Jerry Jones and also Jimmy Johnson v the trophy after the Dallas Cowboys defeated Buffalo in Super bowl XXVII, January 31, 1993.(Erich Schlegel / staff photographer)
Fans can always count ~ above Jerry Jones to carry the theatrics to open up Cowboys training camp.

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At the team’s yearly introductory push conference to attend to the state of the organization ahead that another brand-new season, Jones dipped into the team past and toward a conversation he had actually with former Cowboys coach Barry Switzer about Jimmy Johnson.

It’s a story Jones has told before, one the Cowboys owner told to The Dallas Morning News’ David Moore when the veteran sportswriter was extending Jones’ 25th anniversary of owning the Cowboys.

Jimmy Johnson steps down on march 29, 1994. Barry Switzer replaces him much less than 24 hrs later.

Once the deal is done, Jerry Jones and Switzer shiver hands and hug. Switzer’s very first question together head coach the the Cowboys is this:

“Where’s Jimmy? where’s his office? I want to go acquire him.”

Jones chuckles.

“Well, Barry, Jimmy is gone,” he replies. “He’s physical gone. That’s why you here. Why carry out you want him?”

Switzer doesn’t hesitate.

“Look, i really desire this job,’" the says. “But I consisted of my psychic the first thing i would execute is seize you and also him, put the 2 of girlfriend in a room together, make you watch each other in the eye and also ask after winning 2 Super Bowls, how in the civilization could you men screw this up?’"


Jones broadened on the story during Wednesday’s push conference, including in a couple of more expletives.

When inquiry if looking ago now could he price Switzer’s question, Jones replied: “I’ve never ever been may be to know why ns that up. Not just that but anything else. No, i can’t answer the question.”

An emotional Jerry Jones gets NSFW looking earlier on Jimmy Johnson's leave from the Cowboys."I've never been maybe to recognize why i 'd it up." (via

Johnson coached the Cowboys indigenous 1989-93, winning super Bowls in every of his critical two seasons in Dallas. He parted means the organization complying with the 1993 season because of his rocky connection with the franchise.

“My duty here, it to be my project to keep it together and should have had deference to something that was working good,” an emotional Jones stated of his connection with Johnson.

“We had actually a good run of it. He’s a great coach, and I’m proud to have him as a friend and also proud to have actually the time that us had. Us just had a great experience.”




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