Cash Money records co-founder Birdman and also singer Toni Braxton sparked speculation lock had ended their relationship after the pair deleted every one of their image on Instagram, were no longer complying with each various other on social media and also Braxton created of "starting a brand-new chapter" on new Year"s day. The pair, who went public with their connection in 2016, announced your engagement in February 2018.

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Singer and also Destiny"s kid member Michelle Williams announced in December the she and also sports chaplain Chad Johnson had finished their engagement. The pair announced in April that they planned come marry and also were the topic of the very own reality series "Chad loves Michelle" which focused on their extensive pre-marital counseling.

Olympic gymnast mar Lou Retton common on "Dancing v the Stars" that she and also husband Shannon Kelley had actually quietly divorced in February after 27 year of marriage. The couple are the parents of 4 daughters.

Angelina Jolie Pitt filed because that divorce native husband gibbs Brad Pitt in September 2016. The couple married in 2014, yet had to be together nearly a te by then. They are the parents of 6 children.

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The couple married in 2008 and have one son

They to speak they hold no animosity toward one another

The latest celebrity breakup is a surprising one: people singer Jewel and also her husband Ty Murray are going their different ways.

Jewel do the notice herself on she blog on July 2, explaining the she and Murray, whom she calls she “husband, friend and partner of 16 years,” wanted for the civilization to hear around their brewing divorce directly.

“Ty and also I have always tried to live the many authentic life possible, and also we wanted our separation as husband and wife to it is in nothing much less loving 보다 the way we come together,” Jewel writes. “We have actually no desire to damages ourselves and each various other in the procedure … while we find out to redraw oneself in whatever brand-new shape we uncover as separate civilization who room still striving to it is in the best versions that ourselves- as humans and as parents.”

Jewel and also Murray, a expert rodeo cowboy, married in 2008 after date for 10 years. They welcomed their just child, boy Kase, in 2011.

“Oddly the really thing that Ty and I seek in coming with each other is the an extremely thing we look for in separating,” Jewel claims in she blog. “We both value growth. And also growth ended up being tragically and also undeniably stifled together a couple, and we believe we can uncover it again in setup each other free. We truly think we can uncover greater pleasure apart 보다 together, and also this is why we are taking the enormous and heartbreaking step of divorce.”

as she mutual her news, Jewel likewise thanked she fans for sustaining her throughout her career – flaws and all.

“I to be forever thankful for the acceptance and also compassion I found in my pan base as I mutual my deepest hurts and also shames follow me side my moment of inspiration and truth,” the singer says. “I have learned in these two decades of life my life candid in former of you come trust that you will certainly all honor and also have reverence because that how an overwhelming this journey is, and allow us our procedure as we not only grieve the lose of our marriage, but additionally as us recreate ourselves in the ashes.”

if Jewel did most of the talking in the lengthy update, she and also her husband did give a share statement together well:

“Our dedication come our boy is unwavering and also we space both cursed to being the finest partners in elevating our son,” the couple say. “Due come the heart in i m sorry we have gone around this separation, us trust we have the right to remain dear friend who hold each other in high esteem, i beg your pardon is so important to united state as parents, together we wish just what is ideal for our son.”