HOWARD JONES says He 'Went off The Grid' ~ Leaving KILLSWITCH engage In 2012: 'I Didn't have A mobile For three Years'

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Alex Haber the Heavy new York conducted an interview with LIGHT THE TORCH (formerly DEVIL you KNOW) frontman Howard Jones (ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) before the band"s first-ever display on July 9 at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, new York. You can watch the whole chat below. A couple of excerpts monitor (transcribed through

On whether LIGHT THE TORCH"s new "Revival" studio album is meant to be the actual follow-up come DEVIL friend KNOW"s 2015 "They Bleed Red" album or something totally new:

Howard: "It yes, really is a various thing. I mean, when we had to eliminate the trademark and also all that great stuff, it had actually to be different for us. We just kind of had to leaving it behind. There"s just a many of…if you don"t understand what taken place with LIGHT THE TORCH and also DEVIL girlfriend KNOW, it"s online. The takes too long to explain. But, we wanted to execute something different and figured, "Okay, why not? I"ll simply add more melody." Plus, every tape I"ve to be in, ns think, has sounded a little different. For me, that was just kind the a natural progression, i guess."

On LIGHT THE TORCH"s sound and also songwriting process:

Howard: "Honestly, we didn"t think it with that much. It"s much more of like, "Let"s just write." So, we simply started writing. The very first album, it"s sort of a hodgepodge. There"s simply different-sounding songs everywhere the place. Really, us were just acquiring to know each various other and likewise just, writing, due to the fact that this was a different sort of project. So, it was evolving. DEVIL girlfriend KNOW was evolving and also probably ending up being a lot more heavier or something. I don"t understand what us were doing. It just kind of concerned a halt. This just kind of ended up being a job where we wanted to just express what we had actually been through in the span of around two years. That"s all us were thinking. Us didn"t want to mix styles; we just wanted come write and throw out what specifically we felt."

On the timing of the relax of "Revival":

Howard: "Things just kind of settled the way they did. Honestly, we just put our heads down and also started writing and then things just advanced to wherein this is now. Ns can"t really define it. For me, I just fell earlier in love through music again due to the fact that it has been a struggle for therefore long. Us went with so much together. We had actually a an excellent time writing and recording this album, so, here we are."

On his technique to the assorted bands he"s to be a part of and also his guest appearances:

Howard: "I think each track calls for a various approach. Yeah, I try to write for everything the job is and also that"s sort of the fun of songwriting and doing co-writes. I just enjoy different, simply trying different things and also for me, it"s just a many fun. The was choose that writing v Jamey <Jasta, HATEBREED> for Dee Snider"s album <"For The Love the Metal">, do the efforts to acquire into Dee"s headspace and write favor that. It to be a many fun. Writing with CROBOT; just a fantastic band. Simply the music and the voice, simply fantastic. Writing with them — I just enjoy it. As I said, I just kind of fell in love with this again. Getting to do various styles helps."

On whether he demands to listen music before writing lyrics:

Howard: "That"s a great question. I compose every day, simply so that my mind continues to be in that headspace. But sometimes i write and there"s no track or anything and also then periodically I"ll get music and also something will hit. Each song is different; you just never know. There"s songs that come that fast and also it"s, like, "Wow, it"s done." and also there are others that will drag the end for a month. Those songs are just… those aren"t fun. Lock aren"t fun."

On even if it is fans have actually ever listed a different interpretation that his lyrics than he originally intended:

Howard: "Oh yeah. That happens pretty often. There"s absolutely songs the from KILLSWITCH and DEVIL girlfriend KNOW and LIGHT THE TORCH that world have assumed it"s around one thing — it"s not. But, that"s okay. I like songs come be open up to interpretation. There room some songs the are simply blunt and you recognize what I"m talking about. Then there room songs that have actually room for thought, interpretation, if you feel some method about it, that"s cool. I"ve always been prefer that. With particular bands, if ns don"t really know specifically what they"re songs are about, i don"t desire to know since in my head, I"ve got one idea and also if I"m wrong, I might be bummed. So, I"m cool v not knowing and also that"s a legitimate answer right there."

On what made that get earlier into music ~ leaving KILLSWITCH ENGAGE in 2012:

Howard: "Honestly, ns think the was because I was simply kind of worn down of law nothing and also I don"t do lot else various other than music. I felt choose I required to endeavor out due to the fact that I was basically agoraphobic for three years. It"s type of fine known. Ns went turn off the grid. I didn"t have actually a cell phone for 3 years — i was gone. It felt, like, "Okay, maybe I must dip mine toe in. Ns don"t need to do it complete time. I don"t have to do what i don"t want to do." That"s all i was thinking. I started moving, I started doing things. That was definitely a struggle, particularly for the first couple of years. Ns was, like, "What am i doing?" There"s been couple of things in my life that has actually been continuous other 보다 music. I simply did it. It just took part time, then every one of the sudden, the spark showed up. I fell back in love with what ns was doing. I really can"t describe it. It simply sort that happened."

"Revival" was released in march via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

In addition to Jones and also guitarist Francesco Artusato, LIGHT THE TORCH features bassist Ryan Wombacher (BLEEDING THROUGH). Because that "Revival", they were joined by EXTINCTION A.D.

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drummer Mike "Scuzz" Sciulara.

DEVIL girlfriend KNOW"s name readjust was motivated by a dispute with the band"s previous drummer, John Sankey, who left the team in June 2016.

DEVIL you KNOW released two albums v Nuclear Blast Entertainment: 2014"s "The beauty, beauty Of Destruction" and also 2015"s "They Bleed Red".

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In addition to playing songs native its debut, LIGHT THE TORCH will execute DEVIL you KNOW song at its live shows.