Once titled "defender" the the Catholic church, Henry"s personal circumstances would certainly drive the to rest his Catholic ties and found the Church the England.

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King Henry VIII and also his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

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When martin Luther authorize grievances about the Catholic Church in 1517, King Henry VIII take it it upon himself to personally repudiate the disagreements of the Protestant improvement leader. The pope rewarded Henry with the lofty location of Fidei Defensor, or Defender of the Faith.

Barely a decade later, the an extremely same Henry VIII would break decisively v the Catholic Church, accept the role of can be fried Head that the Church of England and dissolve the nation’s monasteries, taking in and redistributing their massive property together he observed fit.

So what changed? how did the previous “Defender the the Faith” end up introducing the English Reformation?

King Henry VIII wanted out native his an initial marriage.

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Though early signs that anticlericalism had surfaced in England through the 1520s, Catholicism still delighted in widespread popular support. As for Henry VIII, that “had no wish and also no should break v the church,” states Andrew Pettegree, professor of background at the university of St. Andrews (U.K.). “No need because he already enjoyed an extensive power over the English church and also its income...And he had no great also, since he was personally rather pious.”

But through 1527, Henry had a huge problem: His first marriage, to Catherine that Aragon, had failed to produce a son and also male heir to the throne. Henry had also become infatuated with one of his wife’s ladies-in-waiting, ann Boleyn, whose sister Mary had previously to be his lover. Anne urged the king’s attentions, yet shrewdly refuse to become his mistress, setup her sights on a greater goal.

So Henry inquiry Pope Clement VII to give him a divorce from Catherine. He said that the marital relationship was against God’s will, as result of the fact that she had actually briefly been married come Henry’s late brother, Arthur.


Henry challenged unfavorable papal politics.

Under other circumstances, the wouldn’t have actually been too daunting for England’s king to get a papal dispensation to collection aside his first wife and marry one more in order to create a masculine heir. “There was a clean understanding amongst the princely dwellings of Europe the the extension of the empire was the ruler's number one priority,” states Pettegree.

But timing was not on Henry’s side. That exact same year—1527—the royal troops the the holy Roman realm had attacked and also destroyed Rome itself, forcing Pope Clement VII to flee the Vatican through a mystery tunnel and take shelter in the Castel Sant’Angelo. At the time, the title of holy Roman Emperor belonged to King Charles V that Spain—Catherine of Aragon’s beloved nephew.