No question, Elvis Presley love his family. His an initial recording was one he paid to make, a gift because that his mother, Gladys. As soon as he to buy the Graceland property, it was partly for his own privacy, but also for the of his parental — they were being overrun by his pan at the previous residence he"d to buy them. As background tells us, he to be an just child — though born a twin, his brother, Jesse, to be stillborn. His father, Vernon, was just 18 at the time; his mother, Gladys, was 4 years older. They"d to be married for around 18 months, tying the node on June 17, 1933, follow to documentation posted on the Elvis Australia pan Club site.

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His parents returned the affection. All That"s interesting reports the in 1978, soon after Elvis"s death, Vernon said Good Housekeeping, "My love for my son began even prior to he was born. At the time there was practically nobody poorer than my wife Gladys and also me. But we to be thrilled and also excited as soon as we learned that we were walking to be parents. Ns was only 18 years old, however throughout Gladys" pregnancy it never developed to me that i wouldn"t be able to take treatment of her and the baby."

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But times were still hard, through the country still struggling against the great Depression, particularly in the rural southern of about Tupelo, Mississippi, whereby Elvis was born at home, every Biography — a home built by Vernon, lacking indoor plumbing and also electricity. Vernon mostly worked odd jobs, a buck here and also there, do the efforts his finest to administer for his wife and baby. At one suggest he offered a hog, but the buyer shorted him, offering him a inspect for a just $4. Together the Australian Elvis pan Club speak it, Vernon speak the case over through his brother-in-law and also a friend. Why not readjust the number top top the examine to what the was an alleged to be? (Another account cases the buyer"s signature was traced ~ above a blank check.) everything the scenarios or the amount, the boys were caught. Vernon spent 6 months in jail awaiting trial, and when the finally showed up in court was found guilty and also on may 25, 1938, sentenced to three years in the Mississippi State Prison.

During his incarceration, Gladys lost the house; she and young Elvis had actually to move in with relatives. Vernon was released early, top top February 6, 1939, partly since of good behavior. The sentence to be indefinitely exposed in 1940.

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When Elvis died in 1977, Vernon was called executor that his son"s estate. Vernon passed away two years later on — some say the a broken heart, native burying his just child.