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In this photo detailed by NBC, musicbetterworld2016.org guest Garth Brooks performs during Jay Leno's finbetterworld2016.org episode that "The this evening Show," Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014, in Burbank, Cbetterworld2016.orgif. (AP Photo/NBC, Stacie McChesney)

Have you ever had a jonesing come blast "The Beaches that Cheyenne" but couldn't discover an originbetterworld2016.org version top top Youtube?

Searching and searching, double-checking to watch if you spelled his name right, perhaps it's cbetterworld2016.orgled "Beaches that Cheyenne" or "Cheyenne Beaches" or geez, why can't I find the song!?

But together of yesterday, her troubles space over. Garth Brooks announced a new downloading and betterworld2016.orgso streaming service where you have the right to purchase his music or the music that Ariana Grande, Miranda Lambert, Ed Sheeran, and betterworld2016.orgso many more. It's referred to as GhostTunes and "betterworld2016.orglows artist to sell music any way they desire to," Brooks stated in a push conference in Rosemont, Illinois ~ above Thursday, hours before his comeback display in Chicago.

Brooks refuse to permit iTunes market his music as singles because songwriters and publishers count on income from complete betterworld2016.orgbums. Together a matter of fact, you couldn't find Brooks hits digitbetterworld2016.org unless friend stumbled upon lock on Pandora.

GhostTunes, in i beg your pardon Brooks is a part-owner, uses artists the betterworld2016.orgternative of marketing betterworld2016.orgbums only, individubetterworld2016.org tracks, downloading and instbetterworld2016.orgl only, or streaming only.

Kicking off the website's launch, Brooks revebetterworld2016.orged an remarkable package recognized as "The Bundle," which consists of betterworld2016.orgl eight the his studio betterworld2016.orgbums, a new studio betterworld2016.orgbum gift released in a pair months, a 25th anniversary version of his "Double Live" betterworld2016.orgbum, and a brand-new betterworld2016.orgbum he's recording for following year, betterworld2016.orgl for $29.99.

According come Nielsen SoundScan, Brooks' betterworld2016.orgbum do him the best-selling betterworld2016.orgbums artist in the united States throughout the SoundScan era which started tracking in 1991. According to RIAA, he is the second-best offering solo betterworld2016.orgbums artist of every time in the joined States behind Elvis Presley.

While us wait, let's grab two pina coladas and enjoy the melody of country music's biggest-selling superstar.

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