Our Champion juicer reviews take it a comprehensive look at America’s favorite juicer brand.

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As plenty of Champion juicer reviews will reveal, for more than a decade civilization have sworn through Champion juicers, a highly famous all-American brand.

The versatile Champion juicer is a durable appliance that is constructed to last, quite unlike the typical contemporary day product the barely large a couple of years at best.

Note: Some Champion juicer models are currently unavailable. Therefore we have put with each other some good alternative juicers that are as good.

#1: Aicok sluggish Masticating Juicer Extractor


#2: AMZCHEF slow-moving Masticating Juicer Extractor


#3: Omega Compact sluggish Speed Juicer


#4: Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer


#5: Breville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain


Top Champion Juicers – In 2021

These space the height rated juicers native Champion:

1. Champion Commercial hefty Duty Juicer G5- PG710



2. Champion skilled 5000 twin Auger Masticating Juicer



3. Champion classic 2000 Masticating Juicer G5-PG710


Champion Juicer Reviews: Champion G5-PG710 : A comprehensive Analysis


A an excellent commercial-grade masticating juicer, the Champion Juicer G5-PG710

boasts of stable customer patronage due to the fact that of that reputation as a heavy performer.

For year this has remained a juicer with high ratings since of the horse-power and also long-life. Heavy-duty materials and components are supplied to produce the Champion juicer. It’s a juicer constructed to last.

Like all Champion juicers, this model also uses a two stage process in juicing. In the very first step the dices the vegetables/fruits and also then, in the 2nd stage, it squeezes them to obtain the juice out.

The Champion is a slow juicer and there is no heat construct up unlike through centrifugal machines.

Why walk this matter?

High heat destroys heat-sensitive vitamins and enzymes. This reduces the shelf life the the juice. Slow juicing avoids this. For this reason if you want to retain many of the goodness in your juice, then pick a masticating juicer favor the Champion G5-PG710




This juicer design needs constant feeding through chunks of fruits and vegetables until you end up juicing. Though you can feed in most tool sized fruits and vegetables in whole, the chute is not broad enough to take it the larger fruits till preparing castle suitably.

This way you’ll have to cut larger fruits and vegetables right into chunks prior to feeding them with the chute. A small amount of prep time is therefore component of the deal.

According to plenty of other Champion juicer reviews

, this workhorse model provides a kind yield when juicing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

The Champion juicer works an excellent on apples, cucumber, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruits and beets. It likewise homogenizes the juice once you usage the empty screen rather of the filter. So you have the right to use this juicer to make ice creams, nut butters, sorbets, sauces and also for pureeing food.

The attachments for juicing irpari greens, homogenizer and mill grinding offer separately.

If youplan ~ above juicing leafy greens and wheat grass, orwant to do fresh coffee powder or flour, orintend whipping increase sauces, butters and sorbets on continual basis

then get the attachments.

They will certainly add multi-functionality to her appliance, and also you require only among them – rather of buying three different appliances because that the assorted tasks.


Leafy Greens Juicing Attachment

One border of the Champion juicer

is the low yield you’ll obtain from leafy greens favor kale, spinach and also wheatgrass – unless you use the leafy greens juicing attachment.

So if you desire to gain a kind amount that juice, climate the attachment is almost mandatory. Even with the attachment, plenty of Champion juicer reviews have actually reported the the juice productivity is considerably lesser than various other masticating juicers.

This is likely to be as result of the lesser speech of the juicer’s motor than other comparable masticating juicers favor the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain upstream 1000-Watt Juice Extractor (read our full Breville juicer review here), AMZCHEF slow-moving Masticating Juicer or Aobosi sluggish Masticating Juicer Extractor.

Its rotation speed is high in ~ 1725 rpm i m sorry is the reason it doesn’t do well through leafy greens or wheatgrass which need a slow rpm . This is additionally why you gain pulpy juice when juicing greens.

Other slow juicers turn at much slower speed, and need no extra attachments or accessories in order to juice greens.

Even despite the juicer operates at a high RPM, only small of the warmth the motor generates will deliver to the juice, according to countless Champion juicer reviews.

Maybe the floating cutter, which not just separates the pulp native the juice but likewise keeps the juice far from the hot motor, is therefore responsible for maintaining the nutritional value of the juice intact.

Despite a few vexing issues with juicing greens, the Champion G5-PG-710 juicer

is tho a very dependable and also well-made juicer that lasts several years and helps you to perform a variety of juicing tasks with ease.

What have the right to you juice utilizing the Champion G5-PG-710?



This is a highly versatile an equipment that deserve to take most fruits and also vegetables in the stride – from difficult vegetables, to wet nuts, come soft fruits. That juices everything easily and with small if any kind of fuss.

We juiced broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, beets, pineapples, carrots, asparagus, apples, oranges, pomegranate, ginger and cucumbers. (Note: mental ginger has a solid flavor, so usage very small in her juices)

Produce through a high water content has actually the highest yield.

We usage the empty attachment to puree mangoes, kiwis, bananas, strawberries, papaya and melons. There is no attachments, irpari greens don’t fare well. However with the attachment included

, there’s a kind amount of environment-friendly juice.


Use the device to juice lettuce, spinach, kale and wheat grass. Our advice is to mix these through harder develop like pineapples and also apples come get better results.

You deserve to make seed milk using soaked nuts. Raw almonds, soaked overnight, develop plenty that fresh and also delicious almond milk. You may want to re-send the pulp with your juicer a couple of times, in order come extract any residual milk.


Pros:Powerful commercial-grade juicerStainless steel blades and nylon components ensure longevityMilling, homogenizing and also juicing irpari greens by including optional attachments is feasible with the Champion juicer.It ejects pulp automatically. Therefore the juicer deserve to work continuously.Cons:Since a high RPM isn’t often an excellent enough to juice irpari greens, you’ll require a special attachment i beg your pardon sells separately.All extra attachments are fairly expensive.Heavy-duty building and construction materials used in the manufacture do the Champion juicer noisier than various other masticating juicers.It is no dishwasher safe.Quite hefty at 26 pounds and also needs a same amount of respond to space.


Motor : 1/3 horsepower, 650-wattRPM: 1725Weight: 26 poundsDimensions: 17″x10″x7″Warranty: 10 year top top motor and also partsMaterials: Stainless Steel, Food grade Nylon


Discover why a high quality, heavy duty Champion juicer is your finest juicer choice.

Because heavy duty products are offered in that manufacture, the Champion G5-PG-710 juicer

is is exceptionally durable and also long-lasting. This is the an extremely reason for its popularity and longevity. The solitary gear cold push Champion juicer chops produce and squeezes it to extract juice effectively.

This Champion juicer review was updated newly to include extra details useful and also relevant come users.



Quick answer on Champion Juicers!

Can a Champion juicer juice wheatgrass?

A: YES, it have the right to juice wheatgrass effortlessly.

Is the Champion juicer a masticating juicer?

A: YES, in reality the Champion juicer is the just true masticating juicer!

Where room Champion juicers made?

A: In Galt, California.

How lot does a Champion juicer weigh?

A: 23 pounds.

Are Champion juicer components dishwasher safe?

A: NO, Champion juicer parts are not rated to it is in dishwasher safe.

For house Use, Champion Juicer evaluate Recommends Champion family members 2000 Juicer add to G5-PG710


If you don’t plan to juice commercially, climate the Champion G5-PG710 standard 2000 Masticating Juicer is more than sufficient for your house use.

The just difference between this model and also the Champion household 2000 Juicer is the horsepower of the motor. In the family members model the is 540 watts while this much more robust model has actually 710 watts.

All the other aspects like speed, materials used, and attachments continue to be the same.

For advertisement Use, Champion Juicer evaluate Recommends The Champion expert 5000 Dual-Auger Variable rate Masticating Juicer


This deluxe premium juicer model from Champion juicers – the Professional 5000 double auger Champion juicer

– comes equipped v a an effective motor v variable speed functionality. This way the Champion professional 5000 juicer is amongst the many versatile accessible today.

Each the the two augers is design specially because that grinding and also greens. This means the juicer can deal simply as easily with tough vegetables, fruit, irpari greens and also wheatgrass as with any other soft fruits.

The Professional 5000 Champion juicer

can be used to homogenize nut butters, whip increase frozen fruit smoothies, or prepare sauces and soups. It have the right to shred veggies because that a delicious salad in a hurry.

The twin benefits of having dual augers which have the right to be tweaked by variable speed settings way you deserve to optimize each process. In maintaining with the premium design, the engine is enclosed in a polycarbonate plastic cover the is tough and also durable. It will certainly not fade or chip with time or with hefty use.

You have actually the option of acquiring this version in 3 colour – Midnight Black

, Cherry Red
or Ivory


Champion Juicer evaluate – A thorough Look

Note: Some Champion juicer models are right now unavailable. Therefore we decided to put together some great alternatives that room as good.

#1: Aicok slow Masticating Juicer Extractor


#2: AMZCHEF slow Masticating Juicer Extractor


#3: Omega Compact slow Speed Juicer


#4: Omega J8006HDS Masticating Juicer


#5: Breville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain


How go The Champion Juicer Work?

Unlike various other juicer models and brands, the Champion juicer cuts and also squeezes fruits and vegetables in a two phase process. As result of the sturdy design and solid components the juicer manages this v hardly any kind of effort.

It squeezes the juice through a mesh and the pulp is ejected automatically. If this happens, the nylon equipment cutter slowly and also methodically chops and squeezes the end juice without any type of loss of vitamin or enzymes together there is no heat produced (cold squeeze).

Thus you obtain to enjoy the juice just as mom nature intended that be… loaded through nutrition and health.

What provides Up The Juicer? What are Its ingredient Parts?


As other Champion juicer reviews have found, this model is designed to not just juice but also to homogenize the finish product. For this reason you have the right to use it to make a variety of things choose fruit sauce, seed butter, infant food, sorbet and even ice cream.

Use the empty plate attachment rather of the juicer mesh attachment because that this purpose. This is a simple attachment that deserve to be conveniently switched to readjust the appliance from juicer come homogenizer.


The Champion juicer comes at a an extremely affordable price which has not unable to do up lot over the last decade. This is proud testimony to the manufacturer’s meeting to quality without fleecing customers.

According to many Champion juicer reviews this is a attribute that countless prospective buyers deeply appreciate and also value.


The Champion juicer is efficient at juicing every kinds of fruits and vegetables. That is very highly rated in that is juicing effectiveness as contrasted to various other juicer brands and models.

Both hard and soft create were fed come the juicer by our team in ~ Champion juicer reviews. The juice indigenous this masticating juicer is rich and dark with a full body. The spices are solid and taste similar to the fruit or vegetable from which the is extracted.

The pulp that’s ejected is dry and light in color, as all the goodness has currently been extracted right into the juice.


Leafy green Juicer Attachment:

This Champion juicer attachment

selling separately and it will certainly come in handy if you setup on juicing a lot of leafy greens and wheatgrass. If girlfriend intend making use of the juicer because that this, make sure you include the attachment along with your purchase.

Without this attachment juicing greens does no give good results according to multiple Champion juicer reviews.

Grain Mill Attachment:

Another exciting attachment is the grain mill enhancement which helps grind coffee, grains prefer wheat, corn and also other dry, difficult cereals provided to do flour in ~ home.

Many individuals have discovered this attachment very useful to easily make cornmeal or coffee. Several various other Champion juicer reviews have actually tested the attachment for a range of cereals and also found the results to be incredibly satisfying.

Multi-tasking Appliance:

The Champion juicer does numerous things apart from juicing as stated above.

You can freeze bananas and also make banana paste which tastes just like delicious ice-cream. Topped v nuts and also berries you have the right to turn it into a delicious dessert that deserve to be appreciated anytime.

If you need fruit sauces or dips because that parties, then your Champion juicer

have the right to handle this as well. Use it to come up with numerous different delicious recipes, and also eat healthy and balanced too. Multi-tasking attachments help make this possible.

Ease the Use:

The Champion juicer is designed with the demands of an median user in mind. That’s why there room no an elaborate components, features or architecture elements.

The juicer is basic to operate and also easy come clean. The floating cutter easily slides off the gear shaft, making clean up so basic that you’ll discover that whatever can be cleaned up and also stowed away in simply 5 minutesor even less.


Feeding Chute:

The Champion juicer has a 1.75 inch feeding chute. Smaller sized sized fruits fit in easily, although it cannot accommodate larger sized whole fruits.

The juicer can take big chunks, however, and that shortens your prep time to the minimum to save you precious hrs every week.


The stainless steel blades effortlessly slice and also chop with the toughest of create to provide delicious juice. According to most experts who have actually shared your Champion juicer reviews, this is because of the high-grade steel supplied in its manufacture.

This ensures that the chisels will never tarnish, twist or prosper dull v use.

It effortlessly masticates the hardest, toughest fruits and vegetables into delicious juices. It retains every the fiber and also enzymes due to the fact that the juicing procedure generates barely any heat.

You’ll drink healthy, nutritious, vitamin and enzyme-rich juices once you use a Champion juicer.


You can pick from 4 color options so the you’re certain to find a mix that fits in through your home decor. You get to pick from Almond, Silver, White and Black.

The white molding stains easily with fruit and vegetable colors. We also found this to it is in true in our testing. White quickly stains. Therefore you can do well to pick from one of the various other 3 colors.


Replacement parts:

The Champion juicer rarely needs any kind of repairs, yet if you need to replace certain parts as result of wear-and-tear or inadvertently damage, climate spare components are conveniently available.

Again, this is a large plus, according to our Champion juicer reviews team, since it lowers the lifetime expense of the device.


The manufacturer of Champion juicers stands behind their product, and also offers a 10-year vouch on parts, one year guarantee on blade, and a 3-year vouch on motor.

Made in USA:

Champion juicers are produced in the joined States. It’s an All-American brand you can trust. If you strongly great to support local industry and contribute to the national economy, then this is a brand you have the right to trust.

Drawbacks and also Deficiencies

So what are the flaw of choosing this model, according to the released Champion juicer reviews?

Greens and also wheatgrass juicing need special attachment:

The Champion juicer is not great when it involves juicing greens and wheat grass there is no the special attachment. That juices them, but the yield is as well low and also final product is not great to consume.

But with the special attachment for leafy greens the results are lot better.

Chute size:

As the chute is small, you need to spend time prepping the develop to feed through the juicing tube of a Champion device.

Large fruit don’t go through it whole. For this reason you have to slice, chop or reduced it before juicing.


Noise Levels:

The noise levels are considerably greater in a Champion juicer because of its heavy duty design.

Most owners don’t mental the noise since the juicer does a good job of crushing and squeezing develop to extract the juice really effectively. At worst, it’s a boy irritant.


The Champion juicer is slightly more heavier than other juicer models. But on the confident side, its greater weight ensures that the juicer does no slip and slide while you feed in develop or run the machine.

Counter space:

It is a sturdy machine, yet it bring away up quite a large amount of an are on a kitchen optimal counter. If girlfriend have room constraints in her home, make certain to take into consideration this factor before choosing a Champion juicer.


The Champion juicer’s engine is 1/3 horsepower, i m sorry doesn’t sound like much when compared to far much more powerful electric motors fitted onto various other juicer models.

So why should you select a Champion juicer?

In a nutshell, the Champion juicer is a sturdy and long-lasting no-frills juicer that supplies multiple functions and is an excellent investment into your healthy and balanced lifestyle – and also an affordable one that you deserve to make there is no breaking the bank.

Veteran juicers love the solid dependability and trouble-free functioning. The juice native a Champion juicer has actually a farm-fresh taste which is unbeatable.

The manufacturers have actually maintained a call for putting out only high quality commodities over the years.

Of course there room other newer juicer choices with much more power, regularly for the same price, and also without any need for special attachments come juice greens and also wheat grass. Yet, if you prefer old-world reliability then the Champion G5-PG710 juicer is a good option.

A golden Oldie : Champion family members 4000 Masticating Juicer


Another powerful non-commercial juicer design is the Champion household Juicer 4000 Masticating Juicer (Red)


This one is the same in every respect through the household 2000 model except that it has actually two augers. One go the grinding and the other processes the irpari greens. So you don’t require an extra attachment.

Champion juicer reviews recommends this model if you don’t desire the hassle of too plenty of attachments and complexity that use. It’s easy to use this juicer.

The feed chute is additionally larger in ~ 2.25” but as whole occupies less counter space. It’s lighter, return slightly an ext expensive.

The motor has tendency to warmth up after an extensive juicing. To stop this bring about damage, make sure that girlfriend juice with brief breaks in between.

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Note: Some Champion juicer models are right now unavailable. So we chose to placed together some great alternatives that space as good.