return King David created the bulk of the book of Psalms, reader may have actually encountered passages in the 150-chapter book that said, “A maskil of the boy of Korah” (Psalm 42), or “A Psalm the the young of Korah” (Psalm 84). (A maskildenotes a specific type of musical power to companion the Psalm).

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Many scriptures readers might not be acquainted with the personhood that Korah or his sons who contributed to this book, found in the middle of the Bible. Who was Korah, why go his sons write parts of the Psalms, once did they create their contributions to the Bible, and what deserve to we discover from all of these men?

Who was Korah?

Readers immediately run into an worry with this question right off the bat. Not due to the fact that we have actually no Korah in the Bible, but because we see three different Korahs mentioned, describes Got Questions. The article mentions four, but the first and second Korah mentioned show up to it is in one and also the exact same person.

The an initial Korah to be the son of a woman called Oholibamah (Genesis 36:5), one of the wives that Esau, a grandson of Abraham. Oholibamah originates from a team of world known as the Hivites, a branch that the Hitties. Korah later on becomes a chief (Genesis 36:18). We don’t recognize much else about this man.

The second Korah hails from 1 Chronicles 2:34, a son of a guy named Hebron. Aside from that, readers have actually no various other details around this Korah.

The third and final Korah seems to be the one the sons hail from in the Psalms. “Sons” deserve to have a different definition in the scriptures than a biological son – the can likewise mean descendants. Because that instance, Belshazzar is dubbed Nebuchadnezzar’s son in the Bible, but really, he’s his grandson (Daniel 5).

Now, return Korah’s descendants may have written a part of the Psalms, Korah himself in reality earned infamy in number 16.

In this passage, Korah gathers a group of 250 men and also attempts come bully Moses and Aaron around the truth they had determined the Levites in specific to carry out the divine duties that the Lord. This happens throughout the years Israel had wandered in the desert. Not just does Korah question Moses’ decision here, yet God’s together well.

In a comparable fashion to Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Moses decides to put Korah and his 250 men to the test. He tells them to return the next day through something well-known as a censer – basically a courage filled v incense.

The next day, in ~ the Tabernacle, the planet opens and swallows Korah, two other rebels named Dathan and also Abiram, and their families. Fire from heaven then consumes the various other 250 rebels that had complied with Korah and also questioned God.

Readers, specifically of a contemporary mindset, may find the passage disturbing. After all, no Korah simply frustrated the the Levites had much more holy duties 보다 the rest of the people? Why did God cause a sinkhole come eat him, and also burn his various other followers alive?

As the passage in number 16 indicates, Korah’s rebellion go a tiny beyond grumbling versus Levitical practices. He concerns who God has placed in leadership over Israel, especially spiritual leadership.

Korah rebels not only versus Moses, but versus God, thinking he can do better work 보다 both that them. Not to mention, Korah was a descendant of Levi, meaning he would’ve been set apart currently for religious duties, but he abuses that function and confronts Moses and also God. He even gathered a band together to intimidate Moses and Aaron and also to form his own separate faction if needed.

Korah stops working the test and even serves as a cautionary tale into the new Testament in Jude 1:11, that those that follow false leaders and also prophets, not appointed by God, will certainly lead us right into destruction.

Nevertheless, also though Korah and the rebels passed away that day, Korah’s family tree continues, until we conference the boy (descendants) the Korah, that authored many Psalms (Numbers 26:11).

Exodus 6:24 lists the names of 3 sons of Korah: Assir, Elkanah, and also Abiasaph, who type tribes that a team of human being known together the Korahites. To clarify – these to be Korah’s literal meaning children, no the authors of the Psalms. However, the succeeding line seems to go all the method through the prophet Samuel and also beyond.

They appear to separate themselves from their father’s legacy. Either they were old sufficient to street themselves when Korah joined forces with Dathan and also Abiram, or also young because that God to take activity against them, since they were not cognizant of their father’s actions.

Descendants of the Korahites served as doorkeepers and also soldiers through King David, explains this acquired Questions article. 3 descendants the the line of Korah walk on come become good musical masters and also pen the Psalms: Heman, Asaph, and Ethan.

Heman, a grandson of Samuel, penned Psalm 88, and was known for his wisdom.

Asaph, one of the leaders of David’s choir, served as a musician and also seer. Other guys by the name of Asaph serve men such as King Hezekiah and also Nehemiah.

And Ethan (or Jeduthan), one more one of David’s chef musicians, also served as a prophet prefer Asaph. He, Asaph, and also Heman served as choral director of the Psalms, which would have been attach by music.

Readers can not find two much more polar-opposite varieties of people in the Bible. Korah is given a high position and he abuses it, questioning oh my god authority. His descendants offer under the rulers God has placed end them and they serve both the rulers and also God well. There are three an effective takeaways native this biblical family:

1. Family members legacies carry out not recognize everything.

Even despite Korah lives in infamy throughout the Bible, his family members legacy does not. V his line, we have Samuel – a man of God – the Korahites, and his 3 descendants who write Psalms.

Other numbers in the holy bible had angry fathers such together Hezekiah and Josiah, but those kings decided to to trust God and also rewrite their household legacy.

2. Going against God has consequences.

Korah didn’t simply gather 250 world to calmly talk through Moses and also God around some ideas about the priesthood practices. It to be a contemplated, to plan rebellion. He even gathers famous leaders come come up against Moses.

He was clear in what he to be saying. Satisfy our demands, or we will run everything differently roughly here. Korah questions God’s decisions and appointed leaders and also ends increase reaping the consequences.

3. God deserve to redeem anything and also anyone.

After reading around Korah dying in one earthquake or a sinkhole (the planet swallowing that up) one would think the story end there, however God continues Korah’s line. Several divine men continue from that line and also give glory back to the Lord, unlike your ancestor Korah.

Although Korah’s heritage descended right into infamy, the sons of Korah live on to develop works that amplified the lord while they offered their leader well. They space truly an instance of Jesus’ saying, “From anyone who has been offered much, lot will it is in demanded; and from the one who has actually been entrusted v much, much an ext will be asked” (Luke 12:48).

Korah was given a high place in leadership, and also he abused the by questioning god’s decisions.

Korah’s boy were given musical talents and also other gifts, and also they provided it all earlier to the Lord.

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Hope Bolinger is one editor at Salem, a multi-published novelist, and a graduate of Taylor University"s professional writing program. More than 1,200 of she works have actually been featured in various publications varying from Writer"s Digestto Keys because that Kids. She has operated for miscellaneous publishing companies, magazines, newspapers, and literary agencies and has edited the work of authors such together Jerry B. Jenkins and also Michelle Medlock Adams. Her modern Daniel trilogy is outwith IlluminateYA. She is also the co-author the the Dear Hero duology, i beg your pardon was published by extreme Publications. And her inspirational adult romance Picture Imperfect publication in November that 2021. Discover out an ext about she at she website.