Clint pedestrian Biography and Wikipedia

Clint pedestrian was born Norman Eugene “Clint” walker was an American actor and singer. He play cowboy Cheyenne Bodie in the ABC/Warner Bros. Western series Cheyenne native 1955 come 1963.

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Clint walker Age and Death

Clint walker born on might 30, 1927, in Hartford, Illinois, U.S. Walker passed away at the age of 90 years on might 21, 1927.

Clint pedestrian Height and also Weight

He procedures 1.98 meters tall which is indistinguishable to 6 feet 6 inch tall. Walker additionally weighed 106 kilograms which is equivalent to 235 lbs.

Clint walker Family, Parents and also Siblings

Clint to be born in Hartford, Illinois. He to be the boy of Gladys Huldah and also Paul Arnold Walker. Walker’s mother was Czech. The American-born actor and producer, Clint, had actually a twin sister called Lucy who was born in 1927. Unfortunately, Lucy dies in the year 200. Her cause of fatality was no announced.

Clint pedestrian Photo

Clint pedestrian Wife and Children

The American born producer and also actor had three marriages, every of i m sorry lasted around twenty years. Clint married Verna Garver in 1948. The couple was blessed v a daughter that was referred to as Valerie.

Valerie was born in 1950. The two love birds got divorced in 1968. Valerie made background after becoming one that the first female airline pilots. The American-born actor, Walker, married Giselle Hennessy who died in 1994 after ~ which the married Susan Cavallari in 1997. Walker later on moved to Grass Valley, California wherein he lived.

Clint walker Death

In may 1971, Clint directly escaped death in a skiing accident in ~ Mammoth Mountain, Calfornia. In a loss from a ski lift, pedestrian was pierced through the heart v a ski pole. The was required to a hospital and also pronounced dead.

However, a physician detected faint signs of life and rushed pedestrian to surgery, whereby his damaged heart to be repaired. Within two months, pedestrian was functioning again. Walker has said about the accident the he had actually a near-death experience.

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Walker passed away of congestive heart fail in Grass Valley, California, on might 21, 2018, ripe days prior to his 91st birthday.

Clint pedestrian Movies and Filmography

1954: Jungle Gents as Tarzan Type (uncredited)1955–1963: Cheyenne (TV series) as Cheyenne Bodie / Ace black / Jim Thornton Merritt1956: The Ten Commandments as Sardinian Captain1957: The Travellers as Cheyenne Bodie1958: Fort Dobbs as Gar Davis1959: Yellowstone Kelly as Luther ‘Yellowstone’ Kelly1960: Requiem to Massacre as Cheyenne Bodie1961: Gold the the 7 Saints as Jim Rainbolt1963: The Jack Benny Program1964: Send Me No Flowers as Bert Power1965: None but the Brave as Capt. Dennis Bourke1965–1966: The Lucy Show (TV Series, 2 episodes) as Frank / frank Wilson1966: The Night the the Grizzly as Jim Cole1966: Maya as Hugh Bowen1967: The Dirty Dozen as Samson Posey1969: More Dead than Alive as Cain1969: Sam Whiskey as O. W. Bandy1969: The great Bank Robbery as Ranger Ben Quick1970: The Phynx as Cheyenne1971: Yuma (TV Movie) together Marshal Dave Harmon1972: Hardcase (TV Movie) together Jack Rutherford1972: The Bounty Man (TV Movie) together Kinkaid1972: Pancho Villa as Scotty1974: Kodiak (13 episodes) as Cal “Kodiak” McKay1974: Scream the the Wolf (TV Movie) as Byron Douglas1974: Killdozer! (TV Movie) as Lloyd Kelly1976: Baker’s Hawk as Dan Baker1977: The White Buffalo as Whistling Jack Kileen1977: Snowbeast (TV Movie) together Sheriff Paraday1977: Deadly Harvest as approve Franklin1978: Centennial (TV Mini-Series) as Joe Bean1979: Mysterious Island the Beautiful Women (TV Movie) as Wendell1983: Hysterical as Sheriff1983: The Love Boat (Episode: “Friend the the Family/Affair ~ above Demand/Just another Pretty Face”) together Bill1985: The Serpent Warriors as Morgan Bates1985: All American Cowboy (TV Movie)1991: The Gambler Returns: The luck of the Draw (TV Movie) together Cheyenne Bodie1993: Tropical Heat (TV) — illustration “The critical of the Magnificent”1994: Maverick (cameo appearance)1995: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TV) together Cheyenne Bodie, episode “Gunfighters”1998: Small Soldiers as Nick Nitro (Voice)

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