Fans on Twitter have been left shocked after ~ realising that Madison Beer sang the theme song for TV series Monster High, and she has actually a doll named after her!

Madison Beer has actually a pretty faithful fanbase on social media who are the first to know every little thing she does. However the singer just really ended up being hugely famous online in the past couple of years, and also a lot of world don’t actually understand what she did before that.

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After gift plunged into fame through Justin Bieber, Madison has worked for Disney, released loads of her own singles, played at Lollapalooza festival, sang top top the theme tune for organization of Legends and also even featured on tracks by David Guetta, Jax Jones and Martin Solveig.

I bet even some of girlfriend Madison Beer superfans didn’t recognize she’d done every that before the age of 21. And also another thing you more than likely don’t know is the she aided launch the Monster High franchise, singing its template tune and even having actually a doll called after her. Cool right?

Who is Madison Beer?

Madison Elle Beer is an American singer-songwriter from new York. Her career started when she was simply 13 after ~ Justin Bieber tweeted a connect to a sheathe she had actually done and also uploaded onto YouTube.

Since then, she career kept growing as she was signed to Island Records, and also then to epic Records, contining to record and release singles throughout she teenage years.

Now, and being a singer, the 21-year-old is a huge social media personality v 11.4 million followers on tiktok and practically 20 million ~ above Instagram.

She sang the theme tune for Monster High

Over the past year or so, Madison has acquired a vast following of faithful fans on social media. However a the majority of those world don’t actually recognize much about her past.

Before she ended up being super famous, Madison walk a few projects that civilization are only simply finding out about now, and it’s for sure to say some fans are pretty shocked.

Back in 2014, Madison partnered v Monster High to film a song referred to as ‘We are Monster High’, a theme track to the franchise. Monster High is one American fashion complete franchise that released in July 2010.

The franchise consists of has a TV and book series as well as numerous consumer assets such together stationary, bags and also toys that all feature the monster-like dolls.


And she has a Monster High doll called after her

And i bet you likewise didn’t know that among the dolls in the series is actually called after Madison herself.

Madison’s monster high doll has actually blue and also purple hair and is named Madison Fear, an noticeable play on words for her genuine name Madison Beer.

Many fans of Madison ~ above Twitter have just found out around the doll, v one human being saying: “Everyone is talking about corona, however i simply remember
madisonbeer together a monster high doll referred to as madison fear named after ~ her…AND was in THE MONSTER HIGH MUSIC VIDEO! she was making moves!”

Another said: “Wow Madison Beer yes, really sang the we space monster high song and had a doll called after her.”

madison beer has her very own monster high doll… BYE im LEAVING FOREVER

— goblin prostitute (

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