Jeffrey Osborne"s love is taking him to brand-new heights in this joyful R&B ballad native his debut solo album. Formerly the command singer and drummer that the soul group L.T.D., Osborne confirmed he could make the on his own as soon as the single became a hit.

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Osborne knew the song had hit potential however his producer wasn"t convinced. The critical demo was a faster tempo and he didn"t have the advantage of hearing Osborne"s romantic lyrics. "I combated with George fight it out over that," the singer called The brand-new Orleans Advocate. "Probably mine all-time favorite human being in life was George Duke. Ns absolutely loved that guy. He developed most of my solo records. I lugged the demo that "On the wings of Love" come him; it was simply a piano player. He"s like, "I don"t know, man. It"s too fast. I don"t recognize what you"re going come say. Then I come in with the lyrics, and also we slowed it down, and also he to be like, "OK, i hear what you"re listening now.""
This likewise peaked at #13 ~ above the R&B chart and #7 ~ above the Adult modern chart in the US. Its highest possible entry was in Canada, whereby it to be #1 Adult Contemporary.
In The Office illustration "Grief Counseling" indigenous season 3, Pam sings this at a bird funeral with backing from Dwight on the recorder. It was also used on the TV shows The Last man On planet ("The heart Of St. Lewis" - 2017) and also Son of Zorn ("The quest For Craig" - 2017).
This was supplied in a 2019 commercial because that Amazon Prime. In the ad, a guy shops because that furniture online and starts imagining just how he have the right to transform his home into an entertaining space.
No Sleep till BrooklynBeastie boys

The Beastie Boys" "No Sleep till Brooklyn" is a parody of heavy Metal. Kerry King of Slayer played guitar on the monitor - purposefully the end of song in parts.

do You want To DanceBobby Freeman

Bobby Freeman"s "50s struggle "Do You desire To Dance" was also a hot 100 hit for Del Shannon, The beach Boys, The Mamas & the Papas, Bette Midler and also the Ramones.


Only one Oasis song got to the height 10 that Billboard"s hot 100. "Wonderwall" peaked at #8 in 1996.

Brand brand-new BookTrain

Train composed the 2011 tune "Brand brand-new Book" for the TV present The best Loser - component of the track was offered in the opening credits.

i Don"t want To miss out on A ThingAerosmith

Diane Warren initially wrote Aerosmith"s hit tune "I Don"t desire To miss A Thing" because that Celine Dion.

give thanks to You (Falettinme Be mice Elf Agin)Sly & the Family rock

Sly & the household Stone"s "Thank girlfriend (Falettinme Be mice Elf Agin)" to be a huge hit in 1970 and also found brand-new life as soon as Janet Jackson sampled the bass riff on she 1989 struggle "Rhythm Nation."

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