The main theme the Steely Dan’s “Do the Again” is that human beings often discover themselves repeating the very same mistakes no matter just how much they convince themselves otherwise. The writer v each that the verses explores just how men value certain elements or habits though they deserve to be fairly destructive.

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Verse 1

In the an initial verse for instance, the singer talks around violence, its needlessness and also how the protagonist (one Jack) can’t seem to protect against living in the cycle even though the after-effects are grave.

What happens is this:

Someone steals Jack’s water. Water is through the way, a commodity that deserve to be discovered everywhere and also is because of this not an extremely precious. Yet despite the slim pettiness of this crime, Jack irrationally chases ~ the water thief and guns that down. Having actually realized the silliness and magnitude that his crime, Jack tries fleeing the country. However, he is captured by the authorities at the border. Castle arraign him before court. That is an alleged to be sentenced to fatality for acquisition someone’s life. However, interesting way the justice mechanism somehow sets the free. This is what Steely Dan describes in the heat “the hangman isn’t hangin’“.

Owing come this, Jack is subsequently collection free. He’s precise “put” earlier “on the street”. It’s not exactly clear just how Jack was able to avoid funding punishment for acquisition a man’s life. And not only that, that was also set free despite death someone. At this juncture, it is most likely Steely Dan might also be subtly criticizing the whole justice system. A guy commits a small crime (the crime of stealing water that is numerous everywhere). However, the pays because that it through his life. But another man commits a awful crime (the crime that murder). However, the murderer is set free.

So after all is said and also done, Jack is happy to go free. However, he doesn’t learn any type of lesson indigenous this incident. He therefore goes and also continues in his violent ways.

Verse 2

The second verse talks about a woman this Jack is connected with and also how she frequently cheats with other men. At one point, Jack even catches her cheating on him with his close friend. The affair leads to the demise of his connection with her. It likewise leads to the death of his friendship v his friend. At the finish of the day, Jack is thoroughly heartbroken and also devastated. However shortly ~ that, Jacks finds a brand-new woman and tries to fill the void with her. And also even though Jack can be mindful that this new woman is simply using him and also is only after his money, that still proceeds with the relationship. Based on the woman’s character, the narrator is very sure that she’ll abandon Jack at the end of the day and also he’ll it is in on his “knees tomorrow”.

What this way is the Jack didn’t learn any type of lesson from his previous relationship. He moved from one “easy lover” to another. And also will store doing the exact same thing over and also over again, even though it bring him misery.

Verse 3

The 3rd verse dead a similar pattern, however this time it deals with the subject of money and also Jack’s addiction to gambling. We view him do the efforts to deny his addiction yet finds himself in the really situation he was trying come avoid, feather to do some much more money.

“Jack, perform it again”

Throughout the track, the songwriter appears to sarcastically advice the subject to save pursuing the points that eventually corrupt him and also make him feel sorrowful in the lengthy run.


Facts about “Do the Again”

Steely Dan members the late Walter Becker (1950-2017) and also Donald Fagen created this tune. And the track was developed by who the band functioned with regularly, Gary Katz.

This monitor dates back to Steely Dan’s an initial album – a task titled “Can’t purchase a Thrill”, as released by abc Records. In fact it is the lead single from the project, the 2nd single from the band’s whole discography and also the track that marked their an initial hit. And its main release day was ~ above 1 November 1972.

“Do the Again” to be a massive success. It regulated to reach place 6 top top America’s famed Hot 100 singles charts. It further charted in at the very least 5 countries.

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This song has had a significant pop media presence, such as being featured top top the 1990 film Air America.