The son of producer Don Fedderson, the married Linda Kaye Henning (Betty Jo Bradley) top top the CBS series and climate in genuine life, too.

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Mike Minor, a singer and actor who wed one of the beautiful daughters ~ above CBS’ Petticoat Junction and then married her in genuine life about a year later, has died. He to be 75.

Minor, the oldest son of Don Fedderson, the producer behind such series as My three Sons, Family Affair and The Millionaire, died Jan. 28 in ~ his house in new York City, his family members announced.

Minor joined Petticoat Junction because that the show’s 4th season in September 1966 together Steve Elliott, who crashes his crop-dusting aircraft when he’s distracted by the sight of the lover Bradley sisters (played by Meredith MacRae, Linda Kaye Henning and also Lori Saunders) swim in a water tower not much from the Shady remainder Hotel.

Steve and also tomboy Betty Jo, play by Henning — the daughter of the series’ creator, Paul Henning — then obtain hitched ~ above an episode that aired in November 1967.

In actual life, Minor and Henning were date as they worked on the series, and they married in September 1968, just to divorce five years later.

Born in san Francisco, minor took singing lessons together a teenager and then attended college High college in Los Angeles and Brown army Academy in mountain Diego.

In 1966, he recorded the albums The Sensational Mike Minor and also This is Mike Minor and later sang the theme song “Primrose Lane” — made famed by country singer Jerry Wallace — for the 1971-72 Henry Fonda ABC collection The blacksmith Family, produced by Fedderson.

Minor went on to show up on illustration of CHiPS, Vegas, L.A. Law, All my Children and also other shows.

Survivors include his kid John, grandchildren Shane, Morgan and Taylor, brothers Dana and also Brian and sisters Monya and also Dionne.


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