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"An eye because that an eye just ends up making the whole people blind"

Gandhi was the leader that the Indian nationalist movement versus British rule, and a good voice because that freedom and also independence. The name Mahatma way "Great Soul".

This famed quote refers to an Old testimony reference regarding the legit penalties because that violence. Gandhi rubbish violence together a method to change, and also only engaged in peaceful means of protest. A version of this quote remained in fact additionally used by Dr boy name Luther King Jr during the battle for polite rights and also equality in the USA. Both guys were proponants of the strength of the people and also their peaceful techniques carried good weight and helped bring about social change.

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Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 in India, however his job-related as a lawyer led the to south Africa. He worked here come secure the rights of Indians life under brother rule. Return to India, he became the leader that the Indian nationalist motion where he actively led the campaign for India"s independence, gained in 1947.

With the partition the India and also Pakistan, rioting between Hindus and also Muslims broke out. Being a staunch advocate for a joined India, Gandhi started a rapid to dead rioting mobs into order. Five days later on the opposing leaders pledged to stop the fighting and also Gandhi damaged his fast. Yet not long after, Gandhi to be assassinated by a Hindu extremist who was opposed to his willingness to connect in dialogue with human being of all religions.

This is a fine example of one quotation was standing on the shoulders of another - a proverb, in this case. "An eye for an eye, a tooth because that a tooth" is a classic expression of revenge reasoning that dates back to biblical times. And just as some quotations take it a literal meaning statement and turn it into a metaphor, right here we have actually a metaphotrical statement i m sorry is turned right into something literal. That is clever rhetoric, and also the identity of the author gives it included point.