Weed lovers amongst you understand that the valuable herb is measured by weight. As such, the is imperative that you know the different units of measure which median converting grams, ounces and pounds. If her cannabis intake level is best described as ‘significant’, a fail to recognize how many ounces space in a lb could expense you a decent sum of money in the long-term.

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Whether friend are smoking your weed or making use of edibles, learning some simple math will aid ensure you get your money’s worth. Furthermore, the great news is the conversion procedure gets simpler as you increase the lot – understanding what a pound of weed is at an oz every lb rate, because that example, need to be routine understanding for any type of self-respecting “cannasieur.”

Keep analysis to learn an ext about just how to transform ounces come pounds, gram come pound, etc. Or skip the process by utilizing our digital converter.

Grams, Pounds and also Ounces Converter

1 lb = 16 Ounces… plus Change

There room two key measurement systems; the imperial and metric systems and in the unified States, we often tend to donate the former. In the metric system, the gram is the basic unit. In the imperial system, ounces and also pounds are used. When buying cannabis, you tend to concern yourself v grams and also ounces, but not pounds. Why?

Because also one pound of marijuana is an substantial amount! (Which makes understanding how numerous oz in a lb fairly trivial information).


There room of course 16 ounces in a pound, but a lot of world seem to obtain the an accurate measurements totally incorrect. Girlfriend will frequently hear someone say that there room 28 grams in an ounce, because that example. Due to the fact that there space 16 ounces in a pound, there have to be 448 grams in a pound (28 x 16), right?

WRONG!… Or perhaps not.

Following is a list of the official royal measurement system, and its most famous conversions (memorizing the lists will make jumping approximately from oz to pound that much much easier if – or as soon as – you must do that in real life).

How many Grams in a Pound? The an easy Conversion…

All things considered, most daily marijuana individuals will know (and have memorized) the adhering to conversions indigenous grams to lb, etc. And also if you become in the “weed game” for any kind of amount that time, these numbers will end up being as program as discovering your social protection number or mobile number:

1 gram = 0.00220461 pounds1 lb = 453.592 grams1 oz = 28.3495 grams

In the civilization of weed however, the answer is not quite as simple as many dealers (and also some dispensaries) will round off to the nearest tenth. The ‘unofficial’ weed measuring device will look at something prefer this:

An Eighth: 3.5 gramsA Fifth: 5.6 gramsA Quarter: 7 gramsA Half: 14 gramsAn Ounce: 28 gramsA Pound: 448 grams

Ounces in a Pound room Usually Rounded Down…

Marijuana society dictates that us round everything down because that the sake of simplification. Therefore, if a lb is technically just over 453 grams, a lb of weed is 448 grams. For the record, an eighth the weed need to last you anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Due to the fact that there are 16 ounces in a pound of weed, friend would have actually 128 x eighths, which is an enormous amount that herb!

If girlfriend landed you yourself a pound of mar Jane, you would certainly have sufficient to critical you for about five years! Sadly, though, her weed would certainly go stale a long time prior to you complete it; uneven you invite Snoop Dogg and another dozen skilled smokers about to your house for a prolonged session.

Research argues that the median joint has 0.5 grams the weed. Therefore, below is the variety of joints you could expect, every measurement:

An Eighth: 7 Joints.A Quarter: 14 Joints.A Half: 28 Joints.An Ounce: 56 Joints.A Pound: 896 Joints!

How come Accurately Weigh huge Quantities of Weed – including Pounds


Let’s be perfect clear, if you’re looking to sweet anything much more than a pair of ounces of herb, it’s clear you’re trying come sell. If you live in a state such as Idaho, where cannabis is illegal for all purposes, there is a civilization of difference in between getting captured with a pair of ounces and a few ounces!

In Idaho, possession of 3 ounces or less is a misdemeanor punishable by approximately a year in prison and also a $1,000 fine. If girlfriend have more than three ounces but less than a lb of weed, the is classified as a felony through a prison sentence of increase to 5 years and also a good of $10,000.

Back top top topic, once you know just how to convert ounces come pounds of weed, your following step is to uncover how to sweet your product without spilling any weed. Although dispensaries carry out you with perfectly measure ganja, you need to be specific if measuring marijuana at house for edibles. ~ all, girlfriend don’t want to overdo the THC content in your hash brownies!


As much as weighing large quantities of weed is concerned, a big platform scale is your finest friend as it helps you sweet out ounces and pounds safely. The average sized communication on one of these behemoths is 36 square inches i m sorry is about twice as large as a typical pocket scale.

Obviously, there room a few downsides connected with huge platform scales. Portability is one; a severe concern if you’re trying come buy, sell, or measure your marijuana discreetly. There are some brands, such as the LB collection weed scale, i m sorry are huge and portable. A big platform range is especially beneficial when do the efforts to create edibles ~ above a wider scale.

Using Weed scale to figure Out How countless Ounces are in a Pound


Although lock don’t enable you to measure up the very same amount that weed as larger scales, stealth scale are best for discreetly measuring weed through ounces and grams (in various other words, they most likely won’t help you to remember that vital 16 ounces come pounds conversions…).

If friend shop online, you’ll uncover marijuana scales the look like daily items. For instance, part scales resemble candy bars, CD cases, ashtrays, and also even a computer mouse! there is likewise a hand scale which friend hook to a bag the weed. The doesn’t to compare to digital scales for accuracy, yet it is comfortable in one emergency.

When to buy a weed scale, you have actually to consider your budget and your needs. The form of range you require for casual measuring and also the form for heavier weights are very different indeed. A few years ago, $100 would certainly barely get you a half-decent product yet today, the very same amount should acquire you a premium-quality scale qualified of measuring to within a hundredth of a gram.

While this can not perform you much an excellent if/when you need to remind you yourself how plenty of ounces in pound, it’ll it is in super practical and also effective for many day-to-day “cannabis operations.”

A great Scale will Tell you How numerous Oz in a Pound… and MUCH More

While it’s great to have actually a kick-butt “super scale” that might accurately decipher a suitable oz in lb conversion ratio for a substantial marijuana transaction, it’s much much more realistic to have one that consistently (and accurately) measures grams.

In fact, there’s no getting about the fact of needing a range that measures in grams. Once shopping for a great one, you’ll desire to choose a product capable of measuring to at least 0.1 the a gram, if no 0.01. 1/100 the a gram is overkill, but it does help guarantee accuracy.

Secondly, pick a range with a maximum capacity of at the very least 200 grams. This equates to about seven ounces. Better yet, scales with a one-kilogram volume (1,000 grams) have the right to weigh as much as 36 ounces or a little over two pounds of weed. For scales with bigger maxes, make sure the measuring communication is large.

The majority of scales are battery it is provided so if you intend on weighing your weed regularly, it can be way to choose one the plugs into a wall surface socket. Provided the low cost of scales, there is no must compromise. You can find a pocket scale with a 1,000-gram capacity v accuracy to within 0.1 grams because that under $10 ~ above Amazon!

Although scale come with instructions, you do not do it need much guidance. Switch it on by pushing the power switch and collection the range to 0.0 by pushing the ‘tare’ or ‘zero’ button. Girlfriend must always ensure the scale is calibrated before you use it. To it is in fair, most scales come v calibration weights yet this isn’t always the case. When in doubt, place a nickel top top the scale. If that doesn’t sweet 5.0 grams, the scale is inaccurate.

Converting Oz in a lb by vision Alone… Is not a an excellent Idea

We no going to suggest that the is impossible to measure weed ‘by eye,’ but it is quite close! You might perhaps acquire a unstable idea of just how much an ounce or pound of cannabis is through sight, however if you’re not correct by even 5%, the expense is significant.

The reality is, there space too countless variables ever to gain it right and even the many experienced weed user is no enhance for a digital scale.

If you browser online, you’ll find various photos depicting the load of different marijuana strains. You’ll easily learn that an oz of indica looks various on the display to an oz of sativa.

And there are various other things come consider. For instance, you have to take into account the different densities of three flowers. The is clear the 10 grams of a slim sativa is substantially larger than 10 grams that a thick indica (then over there is the small matter of water content, which different a lot of from stress, overload to strain).

Will You ever before Really need to understand How many Ounces room in a Pound?

Consider this: exterior of TV or the movies, have you ever really heard of “average” civilization needing to recognize how plenty of oz space in a pound? i mean, just how much is a lb of weed anyway?

To placed it simply, it’s a the majority of weed — a LOT. Unless you’ve obtained the yongin of Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Seth Rogen combined, the would likely take you year to burn with a lb of high quality bud all by yourself.

And by any type of standards, most average individuals should probably know (and have memorized) the truth that there are 16 oz in a lb. Discovering your oz per lb conversions is undoubtedly a convenient device to have, however in all fact there’s most likely not much practical use because that it — uneven you’re a advertisement grower or act something like operating a dispensary.

Accurately knowing How many Oz in a Pound have the right to Save you Money… and also Lots the It

If friend don’t have scales and are purchase the weed native an individual or a dispensary, you need to trust the they are offering you the ideal amount – also if it need to be a fairly simple transaction that entails nothing more than convert grams come pounds and ounces.

While you have the right to rely ~ above state-backed dispensaries, this isn’t constantly the instance with one-on-one purchases. Let’s challenge it, if such a person can acquire away with offering you 6 grams yet charging you for a quarter (7 grams), over there is a opportunity they will do it. And also by any kind of calculations, there can be a pretty enormous discrepancy as soon as executing the conversion of a far-reaching amount the weed (i.e. 1 pound to oz, 1 pound to grams, etc).

A rapid look at the 2018 cannabis Index describes just how much a person deserve to save if they have a digital scale. Top top average, a gram of weed costs $10.76 in new York, $18.08 in Washington and also $7.58 in Seattle. If friend live in Washington, would certainly you be happy to get stiffed by a gram through every transaction? That equates to $18 a time!

Put that this way, if friend bought something indigenous a store for $120, just how would you react if you received a invoice for $138? it is what can occur if you nothing invest in a digital range to measure her weed.

Conclusion: How numerous Ounces in a Pound


While the imperial system says there are 453.52 grams in a pound, cannabis dimensions are a small bit different. There are 16 ounces in a pound and since each ounce is 28 grams, a lb of weed weighs 448 grams.

Even if you purchase your weed indigenous a dispensary, it is still worth investing in a digital scale, particularly if you want to create homemade edibles. Every therefore often, calibrate your scale with a 5.0-gram nickel or a 1.0-gram document clip.

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With so countless scales to choose from, though, it isn’t easy to discover the appropriate one. We recommend narrowing your an option down by considering your budget and your needs. For many people, a $10 digital pocket range will suffice. Sellers, though, will require a huge platform scale since they’ll quite typically need to recognized how many oz in pound, how plenty of pounds space in a kilo, and so on.

Whatever you do, never rely on one eye measure for specific measurement. While over there is no hazard of being ripped turn off in a state whereby weed is legal, getting it wrong could have serious repercussions when developing those hash brownies!