The Past

The Allsup’s story is truly one of achieving the American Dream the success v nothing much more than tough work and also vision. Lonnie and Barbara Allsup flourished up in the little town that Morton, Texas. High school sweethearts, they were married in 1950. After a few years in college, and also a commitment to the wait Force, Lonnie to be discharged and also ready to start a career in the grocery store business. That acted ~ above an chance to buy a little “drive-in” grocery in Roswell, new Mexico in 1956. As the predecessor the the modern day convenience store, a drive-in was open later hours and seven work a week. The was fully stocked and well lit and served a neighborhood. In enhancement to clip convenience store products such as bread, milk and cigarettes, there to be a large display of new fruit in season and a big display that soft drinks. Customers can even pick up cold watermelons on ice from a horse-watering tank in the parking lot! Lonnie and also Barbara both worked in the save from opening to closing each day. Lonnie’s Drive-in, as it to be named, had an open up front, definition the glass front of the structure slid open up like a garage and merchandise was even shown on the porch! as soon as inside, shoppers discovered that the keep was especially clean and efficiently laid out so the you could get in and out that the store quickly.

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The Present

On instead of of all of us in ~ Yesway, I desire you to know exactly how excited we room to be joining in addition to Allsup’s, one of the many iconic and also beloved convenience store chains in the country.

We are honored that Barbara and Mark Allsup selected us to be the future custodian of their brand promise and also legacy, i m sorry Lonnie and Barbara Allsup began over 63 years earlier with the opened of their very first store in Roswell, NM. Us take this responsibility an extremely seriously and also pledge to all of Allsup’s loyal customers the what renders Allsup’s therefore unique and special will not change.

We look front to gaining to recognize you, to proceeding to sell the remarkable products and services you crave, including, of course, the world-famous Allsup’s burrito, and to building on Allsup’s legendary heritage by adding brand-new and amazing customer services in the months and also years to come.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We look front to offer you.



Tom Trkla

Chairman and also Chief executive, management Officer

Yesway & Allsup’s Convenience Stores


COVID-19 UpdateWe value the relationships we have actually with ours customers. At Allsup’s we proceed to abide by state and local mask mandates. Wherein permitted, we welcome our client to shop, and also Allsup’s team members to serve our customers, without having to wear masks.

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We desire to say thanks to you for your ongoing patronage and also support during these particularly times. We additionally thank every one of our team members for their ongoing hard work and also dedication, and for all the they are doing come ensure that your Allsup’s stores continue to be open, well-stocked, clean, and safe because that you every day.