The Hunger Games came out earlier in 2012, which, ~ the way 2020 unfolded, feeling like around 50 year ago. This is allllllmost enough time come forget around Rue’s death in The Hunger Games franchise"s an initial film. Almost, yet not quite. Marvel, the tribute from district 1 who killed Rue, to be played through Jack Quaid, a star that Amazon’s original collection The Boys. Quaid’s response to being called out as Rue’s killer to be pretty great.

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Jack Quaid comment to a tweet the outed him as Marvel, Rue’s killer. He usually acted prefer he additionally forgot all about his involvement in she death, yet he to know what he did!

The responses to the exchange are pretty killer together well. There’s the early stage mind-blown shock, because, well, how could we ever before forget the face that eliminated Rue? then there’s feigned anger, my an individual favorite reaction gift “You’ll rue the day you go that” native Twitter user Jacob McBaggins.

At least he states sorry, right? Okay, so the was never really a mystery that he killed Rue, however The Hunger Games was in reality Jack Quaid’s first appearance on display screen as an actor himself. The pretty much went under the radar, as no one yes, really knew him back then. Besides, Marvel it s okay what is comes to the in the sequel.

The fact that no one really knew him ago then is weird in itself, as he is the son of two Hollywood icons: Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. He’s basically been on sets his entire life. And with that, the plot thickens! Jack Quaid seems to have a talent of remaining under the radar; how did no one point out that Meg Ryan and Dennis Quad’s kid eliminated Rue till now?!

It seems Jack Quaid’s time sidestepping the spotlight is over, though. He’s been maintaining busy because his murderous very first role, playing over 30 smaller functions in movies and TV mirrors over the critical decade. More recently though, he landing a couple knockout components as Hughie in The Boys and Boilmer in Star Trek: lower Decks. The initial poster of the call-out tweet no doubt to be re-watching The Hunger Games and recognized Quaid from among these current roles.

We have the right to expect even an ext from Jack Quaid, as he"s joined the main actors in the long-awaited 5th Scream film. Scream 5 (Or just Scream, i guess?) is collection to relax at the start of following year, and also with just that news 2022 is already off come a much better start 보다 this one. A year is a long time to wait, though, so inspect out our updated movie schedule because that 2021.

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