I won’t lie once I heard that ns was invited to attend a blogger screening party v actor Wesley Jonathan, ns was like..who? Then i Googled him and screamed, “Sweeeeeetnessss! girlfriend so Fine!” i beg your pardon is my pure FAVORITE heat from the movie Roll Bounce certification Bow Wow and also Wesley Jonathan together “Sweetness”.  This awesome actor remained in town to encourage the 2nd season the TV Land’s hot brand-new show The spirit Man. Held at the fabulous W hotel below in Atlanta, it was a tiny private event with several of the A’s hottest online publications represented including BET.com. The occasion was hosted by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler the BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com and I was really excited to it is in there.

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We watched the Season 2 Premiere v Mr. Jonathon and then the made himself available for Q & A afterwards. The Soul man stars Cedric the Entertainer and also Niecy Nash. Castle portray a husband/wife team through him being a previous R & B star who has actually returned come the pulpit to operation his fathers church ~ a steamy “R. Kelly like” career. Niecy Nash is perfect as his hot wife and is hilarious! Wesley Jonathan plays infant brother “Stamps” to Cedric’s character. I laughed out loud a couple of times throughout the episode.


The Q & A brought around ALL sorts of inquiries which Wesley was gracious sufficient to stay long sufficient to answer castle all. Concerns ranged from: “Would you ever play a happy character?” to “How numerous times will you be removing your shirt during this season?” lol. His personality “Stamps” is in between jobs and also his antics are an extremely comical. Also though that expressed his love because that dramatic exhilaration his comedic timing is on suggest and very critical to the show.



I recognize we were every there come talk about The heart Man, yet i couldn’t withstand cornering Wesley Jonathon come talk about the role that he is renowned to ME for and also that’s “Sweetness“. We chatted about his grueling task of in reality learning how to roller skate and which skating stunts were his and also which belonged to his body double. Trust me i was no mad in ~ all as soon as he confirmed me several of the dance moves from the movie the belonged come him ::clutches pearls:: He stated that the training that he received and also the work-related that he did in the movie Roll Bounce has actually caused that to fall in love v roller skating. Regrettably for the whenever that tries to reap a few laps at any local rink, people THINK that he IS “Sweetness” and also often challenge him to skating battles!

And how have the right to I contact myself a “Natural Hair” blogger and also NOT talk to him about that gorgeous head that hair the he has? the let me know immediately that his hair does not contain any type of chemicals or processes and also that it was all natural. The Instagram pics that he proved me indigenous his call of him throughout assorted stages that his childhood was further proof that his herbal hair is ever an altering and really versatile. The let me feel exactly how soft that was and also even stated a couple of gray hairs that he has. Of food I had to snap a couple of classic herbal hair shots the his shortly cropped, shining black, wavy mane. I had actually SO lot fun talk to this guy!


Thanks come Mr.

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Wesley Jonathan because that being therefore friendly and also approachable and also for being a beautiful person… inside and also out. Can’t wait come watch!!

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