People in the celebrity people who gain fame since of their spouses are hardly recognized for your efforts. Maureen Wilson is such an individual. She is renowned for one reason, gift the ex-wife of Robert Plant. Together, lock were among the most admired couples in absent ‘n’ role history.

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While still life in India, her father to be chief that the Calcutta mounted police division. Upon relocating, he came to be a steel factory owner in Birmingham. There room no details about her mother, yet she has actually a sister, Shirley Wilson.

2. She was a expert nurse and also an sometimes actress

Robert Plant mam was functioning as a default nurse when before meeting Robert. However, she quit her career later on after marital relationship to take treatment of her husband and also children. Except nursing, she was an sometimes actress.

Even though she was no a famous actress in the movie industry, she made couple of appearances in different movies and also TV shows. At one time, she make an unaccredited illustration in the 1976 movie The Song remains the same on the family members property in Wales.

In another instance, she was filmed gift rescued by Robert tree at Raglan castle in castle Maiden's film. Unfortunately, this details scene did not make it to the final film, i beg your pardon was ultimately released in 1973.


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3. Maureen is the previous wife of Robert plant

Musician Robert plant & The Sensational space Shifters execute onstage in ~ Bonnaroo Music and also Arts Festival. Photo: FilmMagicSource: Getty Images

Maureen was the wife of English singer and songwriter Robert Plant. The duo very first met at a George reputation Concert in 1996. Throughout the time that the meeting, the singer was struggling to uncover footing in the music industry. He to be in miscellaneous bands such as Listen and Bands that Joy.

It was love at very first sight, together their relationship started almost immediately. While the singer was struggling financially, Maureen had actually a much more stable career together a certified nurse. Therefore, she provided him v the financial help he needed. At some point, Robert functioned at Maureen's father's stole factory.

The pair tied the knot on 9th November 1968 in West Bromwich. The wedding reception took place at the Roundhouse, wherein the Led Zeppelin music tape was the guest performer.

The couple stayed happy married because that 14 years and also was blessed with three children, 2 sons, and a daughter. The union finished in one amicable divorce in 1982. Therefore far, Maureen and also Robert have actually remained an excellent friends.


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4. Her boy passed away at the period of six

Maureen's union betterworld2016.orge Robert bore 3 lovely children. The couple's firstborn child, Carmen Jane plant (daughter), was born on second October 1968. The 2nd kid, Karac Pendra plant (son), was born on 20th April 1972. The third child, Logan Romero plant (son), to be born ~ above 27th January 1979.

Unfortunately, Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant shed their second-born kid on 26th July 1977. Karac Pendra plant passed away at the period of six, also though the pair did no state the reason of his death. The other two children (Carmen and Logan) have actually grown into two effective adults.

5. She was once affiliated in a life-threatening roadway accident

The occasional actress was once affiliated in a fatal roadway accident. She was driving a hired Austin Mini ~ above the Greek island that Rhodes in addition to her ex-husband Robert, Charlotte Martin, and also her sister, Shirley Wilson.


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Suddenly, the Austin Mini veered turn off the rod and also collided v a tree in a ravine. She sustained life-threatening injuries, shed a huge amount that blood, had a broken leg and fractured bone. Luckily, she properly recuperated. ~ above the other hand, Maureen Wilson sister and also the singer were no severely injured.

6. Maureen briefly date Ian Hatton

Guitarist Ian Hatton performs onstage throughout the Stars Align Tour. Photo: Scott DudelsonSource: Getty Images

The former nurse is right now is single. However, after her divorce from she husband the 14 years, she briefly date Ian Hatton approximately 1991. Ian was a guitarist because that Jason Bonham's tape Bonham. It is not clear exactly how long the two remained together.

Where is Maureen Wilson plant today? Not much is known about her existing whereabouts, together she has actually chosen betterworld2016.orge live she life far from the limelight.

7. She ex-husband once devoted a track to her

In 1969, the English singer dedicated a song, thank You, to his now ex-wife Maureen. The track to be featured ~ above his band's 2nd album, Led Zeppelin II.


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Interestingly, this to be the first time the singer wrote full lyrics to a band. After the release of the song, Robert Plant wife Maureen Wilson and also other tape members urged him to start pulling his load in writing much more songs.

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Maureen Wilson, Robert's ex-wife, has constantly been the mrs behind his effective career in the music industry. She to be his biggest support system when he was struggling to sign up with the industry. Also after the divorce, the 2 have ongoing to be great friends. published an amazing piece around Eduardo Tamayo. Eduardo is an American born businessman. That is renowned for being the ex-husband of the army veteran and democratic leader, Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi is at this time the us representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district.

There are numerous reasons why different people gain fame and recognition in the media. Some room successful organization people, when others have actually achieved far-reaching milestones in their careers. Eduardo rose to reputation after tie the knot v the legendary politician, Tulsi Gabbard.