Summary: chapter 17

Rochester has been gone for a week, and Janeis dismayed to discover that that may choose to depart because that continentalEurope there is no returning come Thornfield—according to Mrs. Fairfax,he might be gone for more than a year. A main later, however, Mrs.Fairfax obtain word the Rochester will certainly arrive in 3 days witha large group the guests. If she waits, Jane continues to be amazedby the apparently normal relationships the strange, self–isolated elegant Pooleenjoys v the rest of the staff. Jane likewise overhears a conversationin i m sorry a couple of of the servants talk about Grace’s high pay, and also Janeis certain that she doesn’t recognize the entire truth around Grace Poole’srole at Thornfield.

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Rochester come at last, accompanied by a party the elegantand aristocratic guests. Mrs is required to sign up with the group however spendsthe evening watching them native a home window seat. Blanche Ingram and hermother are among the party’s members, and also they law Jane v disdainand cruelty. Woman tries to leave the party, however Rochester stop her.He grudgingly permits her come go when he sees the tears brimming inher eyes. He informs her that she need to come right into the illustration roomevery evening throughout his guests’ continue to be at Thornfield. Together they part,Rochester practically lets slip an ext than he intends. “Good-night, my—”he says, before biting his lip.

Summary: thing 18

The guests continue to be at Thornfield for number of days.Rochester and also Blanche complete as a team at charades. Native watchingtheir interaction, woman believes the they will certainly be married soonthough they do not seem to love one another. Blanche would be marrying Rochesterfor his wealth, and also he for she beauty and her society position. Oneday, a strange guy named Mr. Mason come at Thornfield. Mrs dislikeshim in ~ once because of his vacant eyes and his slowness, however shelearns from him that Rochester once stayed in the West Indies, ashe himself has actually done. One evening, a gypsy woman concerns Thornfieldto call the guests’ fortunes. Blanche Ingram go first, and also whenshe return from she talk v the gypsy mrs she look at keenlydisappointed.

Summary: thing 19

Jane go in come the library to have her happiness read,and after ~ overcoming her skepticism, she finds herself entrancedby the old woman’s speech. The gypsy woman appears to know a greatdeal about Jane and tells her the she is very close to happiness.She additionally says the she called Blanche Ingram that Rochester was notas wealthy as that seemed, thereby bookkeeping for Blanche’s sullenmood. Together the mrs reads Jane’s fortune, her voice gradually deepens,and mrs realizes that the gypsy is Rochester in disguise. Janereproaches Rochester because that tricking her and remembers reasoning thatGrace Poole could have been the gypsy. Once Rochester to learn thatMr. Mason has actually arrived, he looks troubled.

Summary: thing 20

The same night, woman is startled through a sudden cry because that help.She hurries right into the hallway, where Rochester assures everyone thata servant has actually merely had a nightmare. After anyone returns tobed, Rochester knocks top top Jane’s door. He speak her the he have the right to useher help and asks whether she is fear of blood. The leads she tothe 3rd story the the house and also shows her Mr. Mason, who has actually beenstabbed in the arm. Rochester asks Jane come stanch the wound andthen leaves, notified Mason and also Jane not to speak to one another.In the silence, mrs gazes at the picture of the apostles and Christ’scrucifixion the is painted on the cabinet throughout from her. Rochesterreturns v a surgeon, and also as the males tend come Mason’s wounds, Rochestersends mrs to discover a medicine downstairs. He gives some the it come Mason,saying the it will offer him heart because that an hour. As soon as Mason is gone,Jane and Rochester stroll in the orchard, and also Rochester tells Janea hypothetical story about a young man who commits a “capital error”in a international country and proceeds to lead a life of dissipationin an effort to “obtain relief.” The young male then really hopes to redeemhimself and live ethically with a wife, yet convention prevents himfrom law so. He asks even if it is the young male would it is in justifiedin “overleaping an problem of custom.” Jane’s reply is the sucha male should look to God because that his redemption, not to another person. Rochester—whoobviously has been describing his own situation—asks Jane come reassurehim the marrying Blanche would bring him salvation. He then hurriesaway prior to she has a chance to answer.

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Summary: chapter 21

Jane has heard that it is a poor omen to dreamof children, and also now she has desires on seven consecutive nightsinvolving babies. She learns that her cousin man Reed has committedsuicide, and that her aunt, Mrs. Reed, has suffered a punch andis nearing death. Woman goes to Gateshead, where she is reunitedwith Bessie. She additionally sees she cousins Eliza and also Georgiana. Elizais plain and also plans to enter a convent, when Georgiana is together beautifulas ever. Ever due to the fact that Eliza damaged Georgiana’s wishes of eloping witha young man, the 2 sisters have actually not gotten along. Woman tries topatch points up through Mrs. Reed, however the old woman is tho fullof hostility towards her late husband’s favorite. One day, Mrs. Reedgives jane a letter from she father’s brother, man Eyre. The declaresthat he desire to take on Jane and bequeath she his fortune. The letteris three years old; the end of malice, Mrs. Reed did not forward itto Jane as soon as she obtained it. Despite her aunt’s behavior, Janetries once more to smooth connections with the dice woman. But Mrs.Reed refuses, and, in ~ midnight, she dies.