Lou Diamond Phillips is one actor finest known for his his work in films such as "La Bamba," "Stand and also Deliver" and also "Young Guns."

Who Is Lou Diamond Phillips?

Born ~ above a military base in the Philippines, Lou Diamond Philips rose to fame through a series of hit films in the so late 1980s, including La Bamba, Stand and Deliver and Young Guns. After a couple of flops in the early 1990s, Philips earn a Tony nomination for his work in The King and I on Broadway. He continues to make tv appearances and also plays poker competitively.

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Movies and also TV Roles

'La Bamba'

Phillips remained actively involved in the theater after college, showing up in miscellaneous productions at stage West Theatre in fort Worth, Texas. In 1987, Phillips acquired his huge break in Hollywood v a starring function in La Bamba. In perhaps his most beloved performance, the actor play ill-fated rocker Ritchie Valens in this biopic turned cult hit. Seemingly the end of nowhere, Phillips came to be one the Hollywood's many promising young stars.

'Stand and also Deliver,' 'Young Guns'

Before La Bamba was even released, Phillips had actually finished Stand and Deliver (1988), in i beg your pardon he offered a dynamic performance as a gang member who life is adjusted by a tenacious and caring math teacher (played through Edward James Olmos). Phillips' intense performance would certainly go on come garner the a golden Globe nomination for best Supporting Actor. That same year, Phillips portrayed yet another outlaw in Young Guns, place him among a crew of young Hollywood heartthrobs that contained Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Phillips would certainly make a 2nd appearance in the film's much less commercially effective sequel, Young firearms II, in 1990.

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'Courage Under Fire'

After a three-year winning streak, the Texas actor fell upon tougher times at the box office in the at an early stage 1990s. He starred in a series of mediocre films like Harley (1991), Shadow the the Wolf (1992) and Sioux City (1994). ~ this dry run, Phillips was pleased to go back to box office success when again v his supporting duty in Courage Under Fire (1996), which starred Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan.

In 1995 Phillips went ago to his root on the stage as soon as he debuted together the King in the 1996 Broadway manufacturing of The King and I. This readjust in direction earn the gibbs a Tony award nomination as well as a Theatre world Award. His surprising mid-career shift caused a little bit of a stir, yet Phillips experienced it together emblematic the his reach together an actor, noting, "Hollywood will placed you in a box, so come speak. Some civilization will have seen girlfriend in La Bamba or an additional dramatic film and also think, OK, that's what Lou does. Yet they don't really have actually an idea that the variety or diversity that ns can carry to a project."


Having checked out him travel from stage to Hollywood and back again, nobody was surprised when Phillips make the crossover to television. In 2001 Phillips joined his old friend Kiefer Sutherland to guest star in 2 episodes the the famous TV activity drama 24

Phillips recalled just how that happened: "We gained the call from the civilization at 24, saying, 'Listen, we don't have actually a manuscript yet, however the episodes space going to revolve roughly Kiefer, Dennis Hopper and also a function that we'd prefer you to do.' That's really all I essential to hear. So ns made one phone contact — to Kiefer's mobile on the collection — and also said: 'Listen man, they desire me to come on the show. Is that cool through you?' and also he said, 'Yeah, c'mon, let's go!'"